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  • Published on:  Saturday, January 3, 2015
  • The First Dog-Friendly Television Channel For Your Dog

    Scientifically developed. Pup approved. DOGTV is cable's first network created exclusively for canines, and the humans who love them.

    DOGTV's 24/7 programing helps stimulate, entertain, relax and habituate dogs with shows that expose them to various movements, sounds, objects,

    experiences and behavior patterns, all from a dog's point of view.

    Take a minute to browse our website and see just how DOGTV helps improve the lives of dogs and their humans everywhere.
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     a years ago +5

    Hey everyone! Thank you and your dog for watching this video, we hope you both liked it! ❤ Want to experience more of DOGTV? Subscribe to us by visiting our YouTube homepage!

  • Samu


     1 months ago

    My dog was scared of this music why this music ?

  • rudolph eugene felix Eugene

    rudolph eugene felix Eugene

     1 months ago


  • Stephanie Carteciano

    Stephanie Carteciano

     2 months ago

    My dog stopped what he was doing and just watched this.

  • soosssaaaa


     2 months ago

    My dog is actually watching and he gets distracted easily. He perked up when he saw the large boxer come up lol People must have not read what the ringing is supposed to do..they play typical sounds in our normal life like phone, police sirens, fireworks at a less intense volume so they start hearing it as a normal sound and not freak out when fireworks season comes around. I totally get what you guys are trying to do and I love it as well as my pit ❤

  • Tonisha Armstrong

    Tonisha Armstrong

     2 months ago

    My fur baby enjoyed this video ❤

  • LemansSunset350


     2 months ago

    My little chihuahua, Duke, loves watching TV.

  • bunkosquad2000


     4 months ago

    Fake dog barks, stupid sound effects and YOU DON’T BRING FOOD TO THE DOG PARK! Thumbs down!

  • Sally Meatballs

    Sally Meatballs

     4 months ago

    Dog did nothing when i showed her this video, is there’re something else i should do to get a reaction?

  • Bourgeoisie BirdBros

    Bourgeoisie BirdBros

     5 months ago +1

    zdjnk n v4yu68-,.'']xb ,l.;'
    v x

    the words of my dog walking over my computer while watching this and barking...

  • Kratom Reviewer

    Kratom Reviewer

     5 months ago

    I don’t think dogs like random loud sounds.

  • Enrique trejo martinez

    Enrique trejo martinez

     7 months ago +1

    A mi chihuahua le importó un carajo. Se quedó dormido el huevón

  • Laura Wikeruk

    Laura Wikeruk

     9 months ago +1

    My dog loved watching the playing dogs, but the music repeat and phone ringing was annoying

  • taradianaw


     11 months ago

    Dog noises would have been better than the background music

  • Ava Kulczyckyj

    Ava Kulczyckyj

     11 months ago

    My dog liked it for a few seconds and then he ran away

  • 4merCIA


     a years ago

    My dog couldn't stand the shity music oh, me either!

  • Daniel Twitch

    Daniel Twitch

     a years ago

    my dog want to run into TV :DDD take care guys its dangerous :D

  • j g

    j g

     a years ago

    My dog watched pretty intently, but he loves watching anything on tv lol. First dog I've ever had that is actually entertained by the tv. He loves it.

  • All in One channel

    All in One channel

     a years ago

  • Crystal Teer

    Crystal Teer

     a years ago

    This is my dogs favorite thing on YouTube! The moment they hear the pop, they go crazy!!