Animals Being Jerks

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, October 24, 2018
  • Animals Being Jerks
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  • cup cat 73

    cup cat 73

     15 minutes ago

    1:16 is the cat ok? 😶😶😶😶😶😶😨

  • AlohaLivin


     44 minutes ago

    Animals are never jerks, why help people justify how they treat them?

  • Nicholas Ship

    Nicholas Ship

     an hour ago


  • Chris Oly

    Chris Oly

     2 hours ago

    Who invented this song must be put to death

  • Super Xhaiden

    Super Xhaiden

     2 hours ago

    To me birds are the only funny ones

  • Lexy C

    Lexy C

     3 hours ago

    Best 20 minutes i've spent in 2020 so far.

  • Nunayo Bisnez

    Nunayo Bisnez

     3 hours ago

    The cat at 1:15 hahaaa

  • Fuck ur feelings

    Fuck ur feelings

     5 hours ago

    The anteater, "COME AT ME BRO"

  • RandomlyInaccurate


     6 hours ago

    Downvoted purely for the horrendous music. You’ve got to some kind of twat to choose this

  • Land Rockets

    Land Rockets

     7 hours ago

    Того кто сочинил и написал эту музыку нужно повесить и возить труп с виселицей по городам и странам.

  • snagratini


     9 hours ago

    The cat chasing the husky, the lady being dragged by her goose-chasing dog into the pond, the birds and their dog counterparts! So many great ones!

  • Derek V

    Derek V

     14 hours ago

    That penguin has good aim lol omg gross

  • Scott Sound

    Scott Sound

     15 hours ago

    The music fucks It :( .

  • vin a

    vin a

     15 hours ago

    Sexy Janna Breslin @.57 Google her

  • Gerbil Crusher

    Gerbil Crusher

     16 hours ago

    As soon as i heard that God awful music i stopped the vid and moved on.

  • Nue Houjuu

    Nue Houjuu

     16 hours ago

    0:00 how your friends treat you when you're the driver

  • Raw Gaw

    Raw Gaw

     16 hours ago

    so sad seeing the Moose mama and her babies blocked out of her habitat by that huge fence....



     16 hours ago +1

    I just realized something incredibly true, how great it would be if all of a sudden you found yourself in a majestic place, glorious structures, fantastic formations everywhere, breathtaking smells and sounds abound, how ironic it would be if you didn't know that you were just a bacterium growing on my sphincter, a tiny creature coming into existence on my butthole. You'd not know you were a lifeform on a butthole, the butthole would appear to be something entirely different. You'd not know that the world you inhabit is full of shit. You'd think you're in paradise, all you can eat, safe, warm, breezy, ahhhhhhhh this is the life.

  • Fur Q

    Fur Q

     17 hours ago

    Sounds like a kickstarter project from 2016.



     18 hours ago

    That penguin shitting it ass soup at the others face had me dying🤣