12 Things Your Dog Hates About You

  • Published on:  Friday, September 22, 2017
  • Do you want to understand your dog better? Did you know that most of the dogs don't like when you pat their heads? Here are 12 of these annoying habits that your beloved pets don’t like at all.
    When you get a dog, your life becomes way more fun. Now you have a best friend, who's waiting for you to come home every evening and lightens up your mood. No matter the circumstances every dog unconditionally loves his or her owner, but there are quite a few ways you can get your dogs mad without even realizing it.

    Hugging your dog 0:44
    Using words more than body language 1:11
    Patting their heads 1:38
    Keeping eye contact 2:05
    Lacking rules and structure 2:40
    Keeping them on a tight leash 3:05
    Not letting them explore and smell 3:34
    Forcing them to interact with dogs and people they don't like 4:05
    Being tense 4:38
    Being boring 5:09
    Exposing them to strong smells 5:34
    Bathing them 6:10

    - The closest dogs get to the human hug is by putting their legs over the shoulders of others. But in the dog world, it is considered to be a controlling act.
    - Since dogs can’t understand what we say, apart from maybe a few phrases, they need to read our gestures to figure out what is wanted of them. Always try to make small gestures, while explaining different commands to your dog.
    - Many dogs don't like when their personal space is invaded. Your pet realizes that it's the act of love and approval; therefore, he or she would probably be happier if you would pet the back or rear instead of the head.
    - Even if you're trying to look friendly and smile, looking a dog right in the eyes without even blinking may be seen as the act of assertion and dominance. If you want to communicate with a new dog, don't try to make a strong eye contact instantly.
    - Sticking with structure and enforcing rules will comfort them and help build their trust in you. Plus, dogs don't understand the concept of an exception.
    - Dogs are masters at interpreting our thoughts and feelings through the leash. Holding it tightly signals to them that you are stressed, and it makes them uneasy too.
    - If you don’t let your dog take some time to sniff around, it may well miss on a chance to soak up the world outside your door. Most of the dogs are fascinated with the outside world, and they try to use any opportunity to explore every little thing.
    - Pushing a dog to face the fears and make contact with other dogs or strangers that they are afraid of or simply don’t want to interact with is often very counterproductive and can even be retaliated with a bite.
    - Every pet gets very attached to his or her owner and even starts acting the same way sometimes. It's no wonder that dogs and their owners sometimes have the same character.
    - Dogs start to feel alone after a whole day by themselves, and when you finally come home, they need at least a little bit of your attention. So make sure you spend some joyful time with your loyal friend who has been waiting all day to see you.
    - When you are planning to use anything that may disturb their smell, just do them a favor and remember to do it while they are a good distance away.
    - Sometimes the bathtub floor also can be quite uncomfortable for your dog. Try placing a slip-resistant mat at the bottom of the tub to solve this problem. Use a shampoo that is formulated solely for canines, and be sure the water is warm but not hot.

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    What's your doggo's name?

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    Gachagamer Gurl


    Video: and don't hug your dog

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    Jadon Bailey

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    I wish I had time for a dog right now :/ I work too much though

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    Not sure this bloke has a clue what he's on about

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    Sky Swann

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    I say give me hugs to my dog and she gives me one and she loves it 😂

  • Stacy Rangel

    Stacy Rangel

     7 days ago

    Some of these are BS

  • Shawn H

    Shawn H

     7 days ago

    0:44 your welcome

  • Lareldal 777

    Lareldal 777

     7 days ago

    Dogs aren't comfortable with hugs? That's why mine initiates them and always has since she was 3 months old, right?

  • Ritz Cestona

    Ritz Cestona

     14 days ago

    Whatever.....il hug n kiss n pat my dog

  • MelleYT


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    Dogs understand some human words

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    Smith samson

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    Nirmal Sachdeva

     14 days ago

    The patting thing is not true , i have had a dog for 4 years now and never faced something like that , that is just for some extra views



     14 days ago

    Thanks for sharing your view However each buddy is unique 😆

  • Dini


     14 days ago

    I have a Doberman and the only time I can get her in the bath is right after a walk. It’s strange because she will walk right into the bathroom and hop in the tub with little to no command. If she hears the water running she hides any other time. Dogs are weird

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    Dogs are adorable..

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    my dog loves baths.. she walks in by herself. i know she dont mind the water but she really really loves being dried lol

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