Funny Vines May 2018 (Part 2) TBT Vine compilation

  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 22, 2018
  • New TBT Vine compilation with the Best Vines of May 2016

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  • ITZ GodsFate

    ITZ GodsFate

     an hour ago +1

    4:27 I swear, niggas like that be at school dummy

  • Erin Johann Distor

    Erin Johann Distor


    Roses are red.
    Violets are blue.
    You are not beautiful.
    When you make this blue!

  • Kyle Bender Jr

    Kyle Bender Jr



  • Megan Wilson

    Megan Wilson

     3 days ago

    I agree with the girl how was talking about the tiny kid with a phone they dont need it my nest friend got a phpne at the age of two

  • Jack Ryan

    Jack Ryan

     3 days ago

    2:12 omg

  • Jack Ryan

    Jack Ryan

     3 days ago

    2:08 lol

  • Maddie UwUchan

    Maddie UwUchan

     6 days ago +1


  • GalaxyPlaysGacha -_-

    GalaxyPlaysGacha -_-

     6 days ago


  • Tammy Camacho Mora

    Tammy Camacho Mora

     7 days ago

    The Best vine I ever seen 2:56

  • Xx HeyItsBri xX

    Xx HeyItsBri xX

     7 days ago


  • SSGoku 71

    SSGoku 71

     7 days ago

    4:57 I hear Minecraft music

  • John Smith

    John Smith

     7 days ago

    So far I pooped three times today. It sounds cool but it's not.

  • Unknown Person2

    Unknown Person2

     14 days ago

    There really dumb if they take there hands of the Ouija board without permission they can die

  • Kevin Gudiño

    Kevin Gudiño

     14 days ago

    Look at 3:59 it made me laugh so hard I almost died look at his mouth at 4:02

  • Cole Burk

    Cole Burk

     14 days ago

    I don't have a door :-(

  • I'm a person on earth

    I'm a person on earth

     14 days ago

    That a real thing

  • LittleOwl_ Games

    LittleOwl_ Games

     14 days ago

    7:18 is my favorite one... BECAUSE IT'S ME EVERYTIME I SEE SPAGHETTI!!!! LOL 👌🤣

  • Dejvid uka

    Dejvid uka

     21 days ago


  • Marcus the demon

    Marcus the demon

     21 days ago

    Me: finds out that there is something to to look up on but long to type
    Also me: 0:17

  • Dannielle OTT

    Dannielle OTT

     21 days ago

    The dog act like nothing happened