• Published on:  Thursday, March 28, 2019
  • AWESOME KITCHEN HACKS AND RECIPES WITH 🍉WATERMELON AND OTHER GOODIES! You'll learn how to explode a watermelon and make yummy ice cream from coca cola🥤:)
    Watermelon is a unique product! It has a huge list of health benefits that you've never heard about, for example, support of a healthy heart. Watermelon even helps to lose weight! This amazing plant helps you to hydrate as it contains 92 percent of water, can you imagine?
    Watermelon is a perfect product to make a refreshment during hot spring or summer. And of course there are a lot of meals you can make from a juicy watermelon.You will find out how to serve watermelon to turn your party in the best celebration ever!🎇 🎆.

    Use wooden sticks to eat a watermelon. And the great tip is that sticks will let your hands be clean:) Another way to cut watermelon very fast and stay clean is to cut the watermelon in half. Cut the flesh in halves in squares and pull out the flesh using a little spoon. But the most intriguing trick is to cut a watermelon using dental floss!😲 Watch this video to find a brilliant tutorial!
    Do you want some fresh and juicy dessert? Specially for this case we prepared yummy dessert from a watermelon. Here's the cooking tutorial: cut 2 holes in watermelon, insert two coca cola bottles inside, wait till Cola bottles become empty. You should use an ice-cream scoop to scoop out the flesh of the cola watermelon. Take some toothpicks or wooden sticks to serve this dessert. If you want to celebrate a Birthday and want to make something really special, than make a delicious cake from a watermelon!🍰 Check out this simple recipe of tasty cake:
    -cut off a watermelon's rind then over in whipped cream and decorate with colorful berries. Your guests will be so amazed!
    The last but not the least - make a watermelon bomb💣!You should be prepared to see faces of your friends when it will explode!

    Also you'll learn many useful kitchen hacks to save your nerves and time:) For example, how to make coca cola ice cream🍡. Or how to decorate tasty chocolate cake with a napkin. You'll find effective food hacks for fried crispy chicken and yummy choco pie desserts😋
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    00:11 Amazing watermelon life hacks
    00:28 How to make watermelon balls
    03:08 Awesome ideas with yellow watermelon
    04:50 How to make delicious coca cola ice cream
    08:39 How to clean microwave with lemon
    09:22 Ice tray yummy recipes
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