Calming Music for Cats with Anxiety! Deep Soothing Music for Anxious, ill and Stressed Cats! (2018)

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  • Published on:  Friday, April 27, 2018
  • Calming Music for Cats with Anxiety! Deep Soothing Music for Anxious, ill and Stressed Cats! (2018) - Our latest playlist of music is perfect for cats who suffer from anxiety and stress. Use this music when you leave the house if your cat becomes anxious or destructive, you will return to a calm and happy cat due to this tried and tested natural remedy music therapy!

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    Relax My Cat are experts in creating relaxing music to help calm your cat and help them sleep. Our music is composed in-house by our team of producers, and uses binaural technology designed to relax and calm your cat. If your cat has sleeping problems or anxiety problems or is even stressed during construction, fireworks or other loud noises, you should try our music.

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    Relax My Cat's music will help to calm and soothe your cat or kitten in a variety of situations. Minimise separation anxiety, reduce hyperactivity, minimise fear of thunderstorms or fireworks, stop unwanted whining, comfort sick or injured cats and calm your cat on car journeys - Relax My Cat does it all!

    Our music is based on feline vocal communication and environmental sounds that pique the interest of cats; it is written in a musical language that is uniquely designed to appeal to the domestic cat. All of the music is recorded on traditional instruments and the human voice. No actual cat, mouse, or bird calls are used (although it may sound like it).

    Relax My Cat’s music is unique, and will help in a variety of situations as a substitute for medication. We have helped thousands of cats and kittens worldwide to sleep and reduce their anxiety. Music therapy for your cat can keep them calm, happy and healthy, and it is a great way to rehabilitate rescue cats - or just get your kitten or cat used to their new home.

    Being re-homed is an incredibly stressful time for cats - as they have to get used to a lot of different sights and sounds, as well as their new family and any other pets in the household. We recommend that you play Relax My Cat during this time, and it will help reduce their heart rate and relax them while they explore their new surroundings. No more whining kittens - they will get used to your home in no time at all with the help of Relax My Cat's music!

    You may be litter training, which can be a stressful time for both dog and parent, and our music will soothe your kitten making your life easier. When listening to Relax My Cat you will notice your kitten start to relax, and get more used to their tray, or similarly if you are training them to get used to their travel box.

    It is also very useful to calm your cat during car journeys - which many kittens find a stressful time. They may associate it with vets visits - so we recommend playing Relax My Cat's music before and after visits to the vet to reduce their stress.

    The worst time of year for over 60% of cats is Firework season - the loud bangs are really scary for them and you may notice a huge change in your kitty during this time. Thunderstorms are another difficult time for cats, with the majority of cats being very scared of storms because of the unfamiliar loud noises. Relax My Cat is the perfect solution to this anxiety inducing situation - just play our music to reduce your cats anxiety and make them feel safe.

    The most common problem we hear is separation anxiety in cats - being separated from you can cause severe anxiety in many cats. Relax My Cat’s music has improved thousands of cases of separation anxiety and noisy felines all over the world.

    Our music will help cats of all breeds and ages to stay relaxed and keep calm. We are also on a number of social media platforms - so join our community and let's chat! We love to hear about and see pictures of your kitties!

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  • unsaid logic

    unsaid logic

     8 hours ago

    I played a video of a cat meowing weirdly and my cat was so concerned about me. I looked this up because I feel like it stressed him out and I feel pretty bad for doing it. He’s currently laying on my leg. I’m grateful he’s here too especially Bc of all the comments saying they lost their cats. Rest In Peace lovelies.

  • Emma Walters

    Emma Walters

     15 hours ago

    Most of my cats take my food out of my hand when I’m eating it and run off, but there’s this skittish one I brought to my room, played this, and broke my cookie in half, and the took a lick, then a nibble, and at that tiny peace with thankfulness, so cute 🥰

  • Emma Walters

    Emma Walters

     15 hours ago

    I put this on and my cat stopped, looked at me, and started to get on my lap.

  • Arabelle Poll

    Arabelle Poll

     17 hours ago

    He's ... vibrating. Must mean he's functioning alright.

  • _*.•TriAnimations•.*_


     18 hours ago

    my baby boi is sleeping 1 min in

  • Bean Sprout

    Bean Sprout

     20 hours ago

    Cat loved it

  • Marina Ortiz

    Marina Ortiz

     21 hours ago

    didn't really work my cat was still fighting the dog who fell asleep to the music
    thanks any ways

  • Seokjin Kim

    Seokjin Kim

     22 hours ago

    i want a goddamn cat

  • Paree N.

    Paree N.


    It works!

  • Gina Mariposa

    Gina Mariposa

     yesterday +1

    I have 11 rescued cats. Before 2017, I had 5. Then, Mama came to me for food; I thought she was a kitten. I soon found out she had 6 kits and was feeding them her milk; they seemed to be 5 weeks old. A neighbor and I brought her food and water as she brought them, over three days, to my back door. I left it open with food in the laundry room and closed off from the rest of the house, where my 5 cats were (they don't go out). When I saw the seven of them going into the laundry room, I ran out the front door and through the car port and closed the laundry room door. They have been my house cats since. Of course, they had to be rid of parasites and, when a bit older, neutered and spayed. That neighbor took one of the kittens, but didn't keep him; she gave him away. So my cats range in age from two queens around 15 years old, to the "kittens", going to be 3 years in May 2020. Mama is so small, but very beautiful; I can't imagine how such a tiny being managed to care for those six babies.

    One Tom was rescued at a feed store, from a young woman who was leaving town in a hurry and who was less than truthful, obviously stressed. I took the kitten who she said was "1 month old", but was more like 3 months old and starved. He had been abused by a male and prevented from eating until the other two, svelte and older cats she had brought to the feed store, had all they wanted. This wee one was called "the outside cat's kitten". I have worked with him and he now is a bit better about taking food; he has grown, but his bones will never be quite right; he knows he is loved here and has a place.

    Another Tom, now the dominant Tom here, is a sweetheart I call "Lover Boy", because he was born about the time Patrick Swazey died (from a song in Dirty Dancing (How do I call my Lover Boy?")). Someone dumped three kittens behind a Target store and my neighbor fed them but couldn't take them until after her job at the local casino was done; when she returned, one had been bludgeoned to death and one was missing and there was only this one. She brought him to me. He is such a good, sweet soul. It was an Asian man with a golf club who murdered the one and may have injured the other and traumatized this one. I happened to see him back there one day raging at the air and swinging the golf club.

    One old queen was from a litter found in a field, the mother at dead on the road and the kits with eyes still not open. I took one and one didn't survive and one later died of a respiratory infection. Mine, Voodoo Booboo, is now 15. Very smart, sweet cat.

    In 2014, my daughter visited and wanted to stop at an "Estate Sale". There was a small calico cat under the dining table; the elderly woman, moving to her children's home in another state, said "Fifi" would be going to the shelter; they would find a home for her. We didn't think so, but we just said we'd like to have her; and she's turned out to be a very feisty little bit. Whenever there is an "altercation", she wants to be right in on it. She was probably treated okay; there is some indication someone hit her on the back; she is very sensitive about that and it took about 3 years for her to trust me to pet her there. When she first came to my home, she was NOT HAPPY with the other cats. She managed to "escape" by breaking through a screen on the porch. This is California. Some days later, I went out to feed her, carrying a plate of chicken. Imagine my surprise when I saw another animal sitting about 5 feet from her in the carport. It was a canine, but not a domestic-looking animal. It was NOT a coyote, though we have them here and that is why cats and dogs must not be out on their own. At first, I thought "raccoon", because the brown-coated animal had a definite mask. But it was much too large for a raccoon. I placed the plate of chicken on the cement floor and pushed it toward to canine; I said, "I just want the cat"... and I moved to the right and swooped Fifi up and quickly went backward to the door and inside. I since have seen that there are wolves here (in this part of California, not in this neighborhood) with masks like that. I have heard that one "famous" "masked" female wolf was renown as a wise leader of her "family", exceptionally smart about ways of survival. She was hit by a car and killed, which was when I heard of it.

    Cars, golf clubs, starving a kitten, what kind of human could have dumped little pregnant Mama, hardly 4 pounds and trying to feed six kittens! No, I am not proud of what humans do.

  • Kristina Lynn

    Kristina Lynn

     yesterday +1

    OMG this actually made my anxious cat pass out and he's so relaxed - it works :)

  • Ash Gachas

    Ash Gachas

     yesterday +2

    I am a cat whisperer. I said meow and my cat came up to me and purred

  • Emu Tresh

    Emu Tresh

     yesterday +1

    I just put my asshole siamese cat to bed
    10/10 would recommend

  • Stormie Fossett

    Stormie Fossett


    My cat loved it she fell asleep faster 😂 ❤

  • J. D

    J. D

     yesterday +1

    sad to say I didn’t really pay attention to my cat but I’m sorry and I’m learning to love him I’m playing him this music and day by day im gonna start a new life with this beauty

  • Toyota Supra

    Toyota Supra

     2 days ago +1

    My cats Luna and Tom enjoyed this and rn my cats are sleeping

  • Isabella Wang

    Isabella Wang

     2 days ago

    My cat was asleep until I played this.

  • Kassidy Norris

    Kassidy Norris

     2 days ago +1

    This didn’t relax my cat..

    It made her hyper

  • Laura Mccaig

    Laura Mccaig

     2 days ago +1

    The cats are super cute I'm crying right now

  • Ash Gachas

    Ash Gachas

     2 days ago +2

    Here is my story about my old cats: I walked outside to take a walk and then I found a box that said: "Adopt Me! Free Kittens!" So I looked in the box and found many small kittens; one was white as snow, one was as grey as ashes and one was white and black with blue eyes. I said "Awww! Why would I leave them alone...?" So I took the kittens home and I noticed all the kittens were girls the next couple months. Sadly, all the cats died 5 years later.... Rest in peace... Snowball, Smokey and Bandit