Watermelon Man (1970) and Tolerance in Films

  • Published on:  Tuesday, November 28, 2017
  • Fall 2017: Group 7's MADT 352 Video Essay
  • Source: https://youtu.be/iYJ41Kjxy0Y


  • Mas Gonderawi

    Mas Gonderawi

     1 months ago

    0:28 - Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (Kramer; 1967) with Sidney Poitier and Katherine Houghton
    0:45 -Do The Right Thing (Lee; 1989)
    0:55 - Carbon Copy (1981; Shultz) with George Segal, Susan Saint James and Denzel Washington
    1:05 - Crash (Haggis; 2004)

  • Lola Twinkle

    Lola Twinkle

     1 months ago +1

    THIS is why the far left go around screeching "RACIST!" at everyone...They are racist themselves, brought up in middleclass all-white environments...Their working class counterparts grew up in truly diverse neighbourhoods and are not racist at all...They hold the piety card and the middleclass dont like that. So they demonise them....call them "gammons"(which is as a racist word as any). The left has been taken over by this bourgeoisie.

  • bandawhat33


     2 months ago +1

    because black people aren't racist and don't do harm to white people right? They are victims full of love .

  • Ray


     5 months ago

    "Floating signifiers of race can appear harmless, ignoring the social phenomenon molded by the media will continue to influence the way people think and act and ultimately impact society with irreversible damage"

    The faulty assumption here is that "society" is something that pre-existed racial signifiers. This racial mosaic or globalist Frankenstein we have created from the stitched together biomass of every continent of earth IS the aberration. It was never a "society" and so the damage is simply the necrosis and inflammation resulting from the simultaneous graft vs host and host vs graft response as this fractured social milieu annihilates itself.

    In an effort to correct the problem racial justice will act to diminish white identity and demand restoration for notions of privilege which only serves to reify the concept of a racial signifier - whiteness. Racial justice can't be pursued without the aggressive construction of white identity

  • Dan Mrakpor

    Dan Mrakpor

     6 months ago +1

    what was the last film in that sequence?

  • Aquila Tempestate

    Aquila Tempestate

     7 months ago +2

    Those wishing to destroy racial identity and cohesion are the epitome of evil. Like every other form of radical subversive they preach piety whilst sowing chaos.

  • Nick Felix

    Nick Felix

     9 months ago +3

    Man, what fuck does this have anything to do with the watermelon man movie?

  • Sinner Train

    Sinner Train

     a years ago

    In some ways "ain't a damn thing changed."  As someone whose been around long enough, I find this extremely troubling.  For some reason, I thought of this film this evening.  Sad stuff for sure.