Amazing Factory machines. - No one can watch this video to the end.

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, October 1, 2019
  • - Amazing Factory machines. - No one can watch this video to the end.
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  • Tyler Clarke

    Tyler Clarke

     37 minutes ago +1

    Dumb title ..come on rather u say please watch till the end..stop with the dumb title's

  • Jurassic Panda

    Jurassic Panda

     10 hours ago

    0:41 who else hears the machines playing toxic by Brittany spears

  • P Wade

    P Wade

     11 hours ago

    I couldn’t watch til the end.

  • John Gregor

    John Gregor

     17 hours ago

    WTF with this stupid title?

  • Waiel A

    Waiel A

     17 hours ago

    0:46 but how was that machine made? It’s essentially a bigger version of the things if makes

  • Mateo Hernandez

    Mateo Hernandez

     20 hours ago

    Muy interesante lastima la musica de mierda q le pusieron arriba

  • Dominic Wilson

    Dominic Wilson

     21 hours ago

    Watched it and it sucked

  • Kent Stookey

    Kent Stookey

     21 hours ago

    i watched to the end. interesting machines.

  • Richard C

    Richard C

     22 hours ago


  • Paulo Zimmermann

    Paulo Zimmermann

     22 hours ago

    Yeah it gets kinda boring.. That is why

  • Jose Basa

    Jose Basa

     22 hours ago

    No one watches the videos till the end because everybody were in the comment section, reading or typing their comment about your video that says "amazing factory machines,-no one can watch to the end"...

  • chen fla

    chen fla


    I won. I didn’t even open this.

  • Random Argument

    Random Argument


    Guess im the first to watch it to the end.

  • tikamaholic


     yesterday +1

    Yes, I did not finish this video.

  • Seth Jansson

    Seth Jansson


    Unedit that dammed music!

  • Ray Galuszka

    Ray Galuszka


    awful music though

  • Wade B

    Wade B


    @ 4:01 We shall call it... STORMBREAKER!

  • Франциско yn

    Франциско yn


    Como amo estos videos :D

  • Frances Travers

    Frances Travers


    you are right !

  • Thijs de Vos

    Thijs de Vos


    For all u know u could be eatin DUCKFACE😂😐 (9:27)