Top 10 Shampoo Pranks Compilation

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  • Published on:  Monday, March 26, 2018
  • Top 10 Shampoo Prank from HoomanTV
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  • امیر قدرتیان

    امیر قدرتیان

     2 days ago

    سلام واقعا عالی مرسی

  • mehbubul shorove

    mehbubul shorove

     6 days ago

    The itching power and fake blood was uncool, apart from that it's hilarious.

  • Gordon WEST

    Gordon WEST

     7 days ago

    Apparently "WHAT THE F*CK!" is a common phrase. Next is "OMG". I'm with the WTF people. LMAO.

  • Gheralyn Fran.C

    Gheralyn Fran.C

     7 days ago

    Can't stop my self at laughing

  • Chuck Ster

    Chuck Ster

     14 days ago

    Why do so many young women wear such skimpy bikinis only to try to cover their boobs when a man steps up to talk to them? They should be proud of their bodies. Isn't that why they wear bikinis to begin with?

  • Prabhaker yadav5611

    Prabhaker yadav5611

     14 days ago


  • 박동규


     14 days ago

    이런걸로 돈 벌려는 쓰레기 마인드 신고합니다

  • barry ratliff

    barry ratliff

     21 days ago

    You can tell.which ones are staged.

  • barry ratliff

    barry ratliff

     21 days ago

    The big incredibly hulkys ( muskels) helped him gooder

  • Gabriela Guzman

    Gabriela Guzman

     21 days ago

    @ 8:02 WAIT IS THAT JONAH FROM DAVIDS VLOGS wtfff😂😂😂😂I'm deaaaad

  • HareKrishna777


     21 days ago

    I’m going to go bald from this shit… Yeah from shampoo on your hair… Going bald… OK!



     28 days ago

    semangat BRO,,,,,,salam INDONESIA,,,

  • Kot


     1 months ago

    либо постанова либо идиоты.явно чуствуется тактильно что тебе на голову шампунь льют и когда растирают тоже чуствуется ЯВНО.

  • Бек Ака Насир

    Бек Ака Насир

     1 months ago

    super puper))

  • Çapan Oğlu

    Çapan Oğlu

     1 months ago

    Zenci az daha zorlasam beyazşayacak.

  • Starchannel


     1 months ago

    Почему они моют голову на улице?

  • Isabel Navarro

    Isabel Navarro

     1 months ago

    Que tipo tan mas cabron que poca madre, pido una disculpa a su santa madre pero es molesto se pasan

  • ayub omar

    ayub omar

     1 months ago

    Are you Sirius

  • Lua Ambuloi

    Lua Ambuloi

     1 months ago

    The blood more good..

  • Lizandro Colombia

    Lizandro Colombia

     1 months ago

    39:29 Golden giggles got fed up and kicked his butt !! LMAO