Cheapest Sax on Amazon VS My Professional Alto Saxophone

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, February 26, 2019
  • Ammoon/Lade Alto Saxophone (USA link) -
    Ammoon/Lade Alto Saxophone (international) -

    My recommendation for the Best Student Alto Sax Under $500:

    I bought the cheapest student saxophone on Amazon to compare it to my professional Yanagisawa sax. I wanted to see what you get for $270 and the answer is you get quite a lot for your money. In this video I unbox the Ammoon (Lade) alto saxophone, we take a look at all the accessories included and I check the build quality and how well the pads seal. Then I play test it alongside my Yanagisawa A991 alto sax so you can hear the difference for yourself.
    Turns out, if you're on a small budget, this Chinese saxophone is very good value for the money, and will serve a beginner saxophone player well.

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  • Powerstone


     an hour ago

    For its price I would say it's a steal!

  • Bubbles the Destroyer

    Bubbles the Destroyer

     an hour ago

    The amazon one is just a bit more flat. For the price it's nothing you couldn't look past

  • Snow Owl

    Snow Owl

     2 hours ago

    The cheap sax has more failed notes and empty reed sounds to it. The expensive sax has more effortless and full notes.

  • nikiosko


     4 hours ago

    The cheaper sax had a sort of 'wheezing' effect to it, while the professional one sounded very smooth and slick

  • MaoBZW


     5 hours ago

    Hmmm, played my Tenor last some twenty years ago, but i would say the Amazon is, somewhat sharper, more clear, while the professional is more, hm, richer in sound. i´d like both ;)

  • Blue Prince

    Blue Prince

     6 hours ago

    4500$ sound so smooth no shhhh sound at some parts of the clip, while the chinese sax sounds like fire alam when CCP forced labor camps factories on fire with shhhh sounds at some keys while playing.

  • plitovkin


     7 hours ago

    Hello! Do you know Royal Werner Roth sax's ?

  • droidcrasher


     7 hours ago

    There IS a difference....
    But I guess the REAL question is....IS IT a $4200 DIFFERENCE!?

  • droidcrasher


     7 hours ago

    Gloves is OBVIOUSLY so as to NOT leave FINGERPRINTS on your Sax !!!
    FOR MURDERS, YA KNOW !!! ;-)))

  • Michael Gabriel

    Michael Gabriel

     8 hours ago

    I can tell the difference. Your personal sax is more resonant and has a more open throat fullness. new one sounds good but not as loud and resonant. As you said , it's a good student model.

  • Dwight Keller-Williams

    Dwight Keller-Williams

     8 hours ago

    the difference is actually in overtone structure between the two saxophones, the cheaper one has a very dark, classical tone, where as the professional one can have a wide array of texture, and why the professional one is, in my opinion the better sax. some of that could be from compensation somewhere in the playing though, like trying to make the saxophone play, and in order for the saxophone to play it requires your embouchure to be a little bit tighter, where as the professional usually allows you to be able to play loose and consistent. that doesn't mean that you're playing like that, it's just that in my observations of playing different saxes, the ones that have the ability to play nice are usually the ones that don't need some extra compensation.

  • Julia Nolin

    Julia Nolin

     10 hours ago

    Yikes I used to complain my tenor sax didn’t sound good because it was cheap but this guy just flexed on me. Mine were Yamahas, idk like $600. But dang I guess I just sucked.. you know that real airy sound? Like it’s hard to get a soft sound out. I played for like 9 yrs 😂😂

  • Tim Roden

    Tim Roden

     10 hours ago

    As we say in Bicycling, the engine is more important than the wheels. You have a great engine and the wheels don't make much difference. I never heard the sax switch.

  • LtJackboot


     11 hours ago

    The expensive horn has greater depth.

  • Bean -

    Bean -

     12 hours ago

    he sounds better on a $270 sax than me on a sax over 10x that price

  • AstroPinoy


     12 hours ago

    the cheap one sound thinner.. The transition between notes is much better on the expensive one

  • Douglas


     13 hours ago

    professional one sounds more compressed and cleaner sound

  • The Range

    The Range

     13 hours ago

    The pro Sax has better range with more clarity, but the Amazon Sax certainly aint no slouch.

  • Joshua Barclay

    Joshua Barclay

     14 hours ago

    The professional had a fuller, richer sound, but the Amazon one isn't bad. For a new student picking up the sax I say go for it.

  • NinjaGamerUSA


     15 hours ago

    The difference in the sound is extremely subtle I think, but I don't play sax so maybe it's more noticeable for those who do. It was like the audio equivalent of 1080p vs 4K. One is clearly better, but they're both pretty good.