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  • Published on:  Thursday, May 10, 2018
  • Feel guilty about leaving your dog home alone with nothing to do? Does you dog or dogs have anxiety when you leave and take it out on your furniture? Here is the answer; Dog TV. Just turn on the video and leave your dogs with something that is interesting to them. For over 2 hours your dogs will enjoy watching other dogs playing, barking, and learning basic commands while you are away.
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  • Gracie moody

    Gracie moody

     8 hours ago +1

    my dog wont even look at it first then he just...did.

  • AllieTubeHD


     3 days ago

    oh my dog tilts his head all the time

  • AllieTubeHD


     3 days ago

    My dogs watch this all the time and my dogs love it!

  • Bronte Stewart

    Bronte Stewart

     6 days ago

    Is that dog poo on the carpet 😢 i hope its a treat haha

  • XthegreatwhyX


     7 days ago

    Holy crap, I didn't think you could get Michael J Fox as an operator!

  • Derrick Stinoski

    Derrick Stinoski

     7 days ago

    My dog loves I’m missing my fav show, because of this 😂

  • Pete Pete

    Pete Pete

     7 days ago

    Unbelievable this Aussie looks so much like my Aussie I’d say 99% features, I’m making rain (tears flowing) as I watch this video as I feel like I’m actually watching my little boy “Butt Butt” “Buttza Butt” we’re his nicknames and wow what a smart animal wicked smart to be exact he’d automatically do things on his own instead of waiting for me to help him lol. Idk if Aussies are like mine was he’d always lay down by my feet making sure if a friend was visiting he’d have to be between me and my company with his one eye never looking away constantly watching the person to protect me. He’d bite a foot or hand lightly if he thought someone was coming too close to me oh god I miss him and now his little sister taffy the miniature dachshund died in my arms just a few weeks ago from her heart playing out. Buddy’s pain was ended 9/11/17 just about 2 years before taffy’s died he was 12 she was 1 year older than buddy making her 15 & 1/2 when she died. Lord Jesus I know your taking great care of my little child dogs so I thank you so much for seeing them find my little brother and mother up in heaven. God bless everyone and every pet/animal on planet earth. Your loving a Dad Pete the Greek

  • ruthie zophia

    ruthie zophia

     14 days ago

    R u from Beaumont Texas? My dog is enjoying this video.

  • angela morrison

    angela morrison

     14 days ago +1

    My dogs watch this like kids watch sesame street!!!! 😂😂😂😂

  • Jay Will

    Jay Will

     14 days ago +2

    Me and my dog watched this together

  • victor Lundin

    victor Lundin

     1 months ago

    Where can I get this amazing tune?

  • Redaxerocker1


     1 months ago

    I love this!!

  • Alexis Adaire

    Alexis Adaire

     1 months ago +1

    Really? Your dogs poops in the neighbor's yard (46:50) and you don't even bother to pick it up?

  • Friends in hell Reality tv show

    Friends in hell Reality tv show

     1 months ago

    I have a Reality show too but it’s people not 🐕 dogs 😂😇😍

  • Free Clips Archive

    Free Clips Archive

     2 months ago

    my dogs ears went up. i think it's working

  • KrankyPanduh


     2 months ago

    More of these please! Keeps my dog entertained through the whole video!! Love them!

  • Sona Gottwaldova

    Sona Gottwaldova

     2 months ago


  • Sierra Biagas

    Sierra Biagas

     3 months ago

    Are we just going to to ignore the poop on the floor?

  • Black Mountain Social Music & Media

    Black Mountain Social Music & Media

     3 months ago +1

    Some days it’s the only way I can get anything done! I think I’m a bad dog mom lol

  • Alana Harris

    Alana Harris

     3 months ago

    My dog loves this! She was crying at the red dot one but then she kept licking my face and ended up rewinding the video back to the start! Thank you for making this video it is cute and funny