The Greatest Video For Cats Ever Told | Telekat: ~(=^‥^)/

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, January 14, 2014
  • What do cats love to watch? Why the furriest of the furry of course! Your cat will drool over and paw its way through our 90 mins video of super cute birds, hamsters, butterflies, fish and more, all in full HD. Make sure to subscribe to keep up with our newest videos for cats to watch. ** Download your own copy of Telekat from **


    Is your pet feline bored? Cats love to watch videos of insects and listen to birds singing! Turn on HD, put it into fullscreen and play this video of these butterflies

    Telekat features High Definition videos and sounds of animals your cat will love to watch. It brings the outdoors indoors.

    - Over 70 fur and feather filled minutes of HD video for cats to watch

    -Videos and animations of the animals your cats love to watch - a smörgåsbord of birds, fish, shrimp, hamsters, seamonkeys and butterflies!

    - An ideal way to keep housecats entertained and stimulated. Your cat will love listening to our soundtrack of chirping birds.

    - Play it on your television, computer, tablet, iPad, iPhone, games console or anything that plays HD video.

    - The perfect gift for indoor and outdoor cats. When you buy Telekat, you will receive a download link, which you can send to a friend.
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  • Adam Adamson

    Adam Adamson

     a years ago

    My cat has been plotting an attack for the last 20 minutes. I'm sort of scared he will get hurt. He already jumped 4 feet in the air and landed on an empty box I used to keep him from getting onto my shelf behind the TV that's mounted.

  • Fernanda Karolline

    Fernanda Karolline

     a years ago +1

    Muitoooo Obrigada....Minha gatinha adorou!😍😘

  • Gary C

    Gary C

     a years ago

    I just wanted to inform you that there is a Feral Cat Rescue in Langley, British Columbia called Tiny Kittens. They currently have three moms who just delivered a total of 12 kittens, and they have Telekat playing on a screen.

    Currently, one of the moms is taking a break from the kittens, out laying in the open and watching the screen. Cutest thing. You have a great channel, and thanks for all you do for cats. :D

  • bmo


     2 years ago

    The fish are chirping

  • Rebecca Alunno

    Rebecca Alunno

     2 years ago

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  • Susan Mew

    Susan Mew

     2 years ago

    I played this on my phone... my cat loves the sounds and purrs like crazy and wants to be pet.

  • Jonathan Vansant

    Jonathan Vansant

     2 years ago +1

    all 3 of my kitty's loved this! they were hooked...

  • Asher Streets

    Asher Streets

     2 years ago

    Great job! This is the best video for cats I've seen. I love how cute, unpredictable, fast & interactive the mice are. The element of sport is pretty fun...I'm not sure if it's intended as a game, but I'm always trying to decide which color to be on getting a man closest to the center. I was just about as intrigued as Mango was. :)

  • Alice Prior

    Alice Prior

     2 years ago

    My cat loves this video and she watches it for AGES as soon as I put it on! Also I find the sounds really relaxing and I like the noise



     2 years ago

    mi gato se fue y me dejo ami mirando el video lol

  • Wolfy Wlf

    Wolfy Wlf

     2 years ago +1

    my cat just like WHAT 🐱

  • Megilacutty Jones

    Megilacutty Jones

     2 years ago

    My cat Lilly playing Telekat. Definitely her favorite game too play.



     3 years ago

    My Yorkie(dog) goes nuts with this cat videos.

  • Alyssa smith

    Alyssa smith

     3 years ago

    @lisa Maynard I'm soo sorry about that comment... I wasn't using my brain once again..😔

  • Ithila


     3 years ago

    Omg...these mice have no

  • ho tel

    ho tel

     3 years ago

    My cat thought cups where better then this

  • Daniel Angel

    Daniel Angel

     3 years ago

    RIP screen

  • Andrew Bailey

    Andrew Bailey

     3 years ago

    my cats ammying

  • Ryley Pentelichuk

    Ryley Pentelichuk

     3 years ago +1

    can i show it to cat

  • ShadowⓋ


     3 years ago +2

    The only problem with this video is on a large screen 1080p LCD TV, the mice and the birds are gigantic !!! They're almost the size of the cat watching it, which makes it a bit ridiculous and almost pointless..