George Carlin on soft language

  • Published on:  Saturday, July 12, 2008
  • One of my favorite George Carlin bits in which he describes the sterilization of the American language. From the 1990 special Doin' it Again.

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  • BFreece2214


     2 hours ago

    By the way you can't say Blind Spot anymore you have to say Dead Angle because apparently the prior is horrendously Ableist.

  • Todd Gilmore

    Todd Gilmore

     5 hours ago

    So true it hurts!! I have Huntington's Disease and that's what they used to call it.. now it's known as Huntington's Chorea!

  • Jack Suwanpradit

    Jack Suwanpradit

     6 hours ago

    Ummm, if I have a son, I would teach him the George Carlin way. This guy is such a realist he knows the true mechanics of culture.

  • Mondo Shredder

    Mondo Shredder

     10 hours ago

    George and Richard Pryor were my favorites growing up - they weren't just hilarious, but they taught us a lot along the way. George inspired Jon Stewart, who has since brought us John Oliver, Stephen Colbert, Trevor Noah, Samantha and Bee, among others...
    Thanks George, you will never be forgotten.

  • Secrecy


     13 hours ago

    Bathroom tissue? Wtf?

  • That Guy

    That Guy

     20 hours ago

    We need Carlin, Pryor and Patrice more than anything now



     21 hours ago

    Shame on the U.S. for letting the pussy-weak minded pukes, have any voice whatsoever.

  • Abraham Wilberforce

    Abraham Wilberforce

     23 hours ago

    The government does not murder people, it engages in capital punishment.

  • Rickard



    And now it has been 'rebranded' "PTSD". Sure it is less syllables than before, but it is way less humanized.

  • Alex Morais

    Alex Morais


    I absolutely hate this guy. This isnt comedy, it's an old geezer ranting..

  • pennylane aidan

    pennylane aidan


    Imagine being in a room with George today watching TV and the Kardashians came on !

  • Mingy Zola

    Mingy Zola


    If only he knew

  • Mickey Doyle

    Mickey Doyle


    "mentally challenged"

  • long xiao

    long xiao


    We don't have comedians like George Carlin anymore...We don't deserve anyone like him.

  • Avi Agarwal

    Avi Agarwal

     yesterday +1

    Ok boomer

  • Buckshot Jones

    Buckshot Jones

     yesterday +2

    This man ever tell jokes? All I hear is truth.

  • Matt Nobrega

    Matt Nobrega


    Wish he was still with us. Carlin for president

  • Brandon E

    Brandon E


    Murder became "womens right to choose"

  • Flying4kSuper


     2 days ago

    What a beauty

  • Beaumont


     2 days ago +3

    the most entertaining ted talk i have ever seen