Anthem Legends : Exodus

  • Published on:  Friday, February 22, 2019
  • In Apex : Fall of Man play as a robot and recover the Cradle of Exodus in order to vanquish an ancient race of aliens known as the hive.

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  • Simon Kim

    Simon Kim

     36 minutes ago

    Remember Reach?

  • Inaqui Beendope

    Inaqui Beendope


    Turok was good I remember.

  • David Yu

    David Yu

     2 days ago

    You didn’t have to murder them like that dunkey. Mercy

  • That Meme

    That Meme

     2 days ago

    Lost Planet games need more credit. I was hooked on Lost Planet 2 after seeing gameplay of it. Damn shame I missed it by years.

  • Dark Master 666

    Dark Master 666

     2 days ago

    Remember darkmaster?

  • EpicGamer13


     3 days ago


  • Red


     3 days ago

    "Remember Army of Two?"
    Yes, yes I do....

  • sybren osinga

    sybren osinga

     4 days ago

    It's not enough to stop buying their products. You need to help people around you from not buying them.

  • Willy Hoffman

    Willy Hoffman

     4 days ago

    I do remember army of two, was great when i was like 13-14

  • Dawa 420

    Dawa 420

     5 days ago

    member berries bel like 2:16

  • Pepe


     6 days ago +1

    Crackdown hearts :3 battle Royale.

  • Az3iiiz


     6 days ago +2

    funny how apex turned out to be one of the best games of 2019

  • Alex S

    Alex S

     7 days ago

    Was brink any good? I never got to play

  • wait(待機)å°ç


     7 days ago

    I think this a great piss take on how every video game company nowadays oversells these basic features every game has, and usually ruins in some ways. Or most ways.

  • Crystal Blyat #cyka

    Crystal Blyat #cyka

     7 days ago

    I member !

  • Dieselnaut


     7 days ago

    You see, after Anthem failed, things changed

  • D.Kryptic.J _

    D.Kryptic.J _

     7 days ago

    Oh i member!

  • LordRydag


     7 days ago

    I do remember that!

  • Nick Alling

    Nick Alling

     7 days ago

    This felt like a manic episode

  • Crunky


     7 days ago

    death stranding 7: strand gameing unleashed