ASMR - Watermelon Ice Cream Rolls | how to make Ice Cream out of a Melon - relaxing Sound Food Video

  • Published on:  Saturday, October 12, 2019
  • ASMR - Watermelon Ice Cream Rolls | how to make Ice Cream out of a Melon - relaxing Sound Food Video in 4k
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  • музыкант вещает

    музыкант вещает

     17 minutes ago

    а я просто Русский сибиряк

  • วรวุฒิ เจษฎารมย์

    วรวุฒิ เจษฎารมย์

     40 minutes ago


  • Sogonzo


     5 hours ago

    Can tell this dude has no clue how watermelon works

  • Nicolene Van Niekerk

    Nicolene Van Niekerk

     6 hours ago

    He can make me so uncomfortable... Like I swear he plays in horror movies or something

  • The Elemental Girls

    The Elemental Girls

     8 hours ago

    Dang can he make my dessert?

  • Dadadadaadadada Hfbfucfgsu

    Dadadadaadadada Hfbfucfgsu

     8 hours ago +1

    dont understand tapping on cup

  • Alexandra Nunez

    Alexandra Nunez

     8 hours ago

    Struggled watching

  • sri Wahyuni

    sri Wahyuni

     9 hours ago +1

    stok baru

  • Omygosh Yoji

    Omygosh Yoji

     10 hours ago

    Everyone is saying how they got triggered by something he did, but what if it’s a she?😮🤯😳

  • Alin Donmez

    Alin Donmez

     12 hours ago

    Lan adam daha karpuz kesmeyi bilmiyo amk

  • S̶k̶e̶l̶e̶t̶o̶n̶


     14 hours ago

    People like this i actually start to hate

  • Узор судьбы римбион

    Узор судьбы римбион

     15 hours ago


  • Panda Nuggetz

    Panda Nuggetz

     15 hours ago

    All of you libtards that are complaining about it not being silent or him tapping the cup just mute it and watch the darn vid.

    I bet you all wanna eat it though. Pause

  • blue


     16 hours ago

    idk how y'all watch these so annoying lol

  • Пиля Лимман

    Пиля Лимман

     17 hours ago

    ААА косточки!! Зачем там косточки?!?!?!

  • caitlyn snow

    caitlyn snow

     19 hours ago +2

    am i the only one who finds adding watermelon to milk gross

  • caitlyn snow

    caitlyn snow

     19 hours ago

    his asmr sounds like construction being done next door

  • Audrey Linares

    Audrey Linares

     19 hours ago

    Those ice cream rolls look all messed up. Like crumbled and tearing apart

  • Audrey Linares

    Audrey Linares

     19 hours ago

    Really some green black sprinkles on top

  • Oluyzik Kova

    Oluyzik Kova

     20 hours ago

    Беееееееенееееееееее это вам не фазе