The History of WCW Video Games Part V - From New Beginning To Bitter End.

  • Published on:  Monday, June 3, 2019
  • WCW Mayhem signified a new beginning for WCW video games, and unfortunately, WCW Backstage Assault proved to be the bitter end. This is the final chapter in the 'History of WCW Video Games' series, and I'm happy to say, I think we're sending out the franchise with a BANG! Thank you to my friends who made the cameos and produced the music used across this series, and thank you to all of you DanDans for watching. You guys make the dream come true.

    All sorts of music used in this video is from Mark Cooper, check him out on Spotify!

    'The Enigma TNG' is responsible for that AMAZING version of Sting's theme song near the end of the video. Here are several links where you can check him out.

    My dude AlphaOmegaSin made a bad ass cameo as 'Funko Land Employee.' Here he is!

    Twitter: @IDS616

    Castlevania - Let's Play Friday.

    Mortal Kombat 11 - Game Review.

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    I love you.

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  • Dylan Dreyar

    Dylan Dreyar

     7 days ago

    Man I love your videos

  • Michael Valeone

    Michael Valeone

     14 days ago

    Don't let it make you feel leary, just making an observation, from one WCW loyalty to another, bro you have one of the BEST channels on the tube ... Help me find ALL WCW videos

  • Psyoptic Prodigy

    Psyoptic Prodigy

     14 days ago

    I loved Mayhem. I was only 9 when it came out so it might be better to "leave the memories alone" but what memories they were.

  • ElitePizza311


     1 months ago

    AEW! AEW! AEW!

  • SuperMarioPlush 2006

    SuperMarioPlush 2006

     1 months ago

    When you were talking about how you wished wcw would die it made me fear that wwe will end because when i started whatching wwe i was 6 and truly cared and still do. To this day

  • Chad Pugh

    Chad Pugh

     1 months ago +1

    Man you have a knack for putting out entertaining videos. But please, lose that beanie.

  • Chad Pugh

    Chad Pugh

     1 months ago

    WCW/NWO Revenge is still the best.

  • William Thompson

    William Thompson

     2 months ago

    Loved your retrospect on Nitro, I only played for the PC having received it as a gift. It might be missing all the silliness of the playstation version, but having Tony Schiavone announce a wrestler you havent unlocked yet during a match takes the cake. Any chance of a history of wwf games.

  • The WhiteWolfWarrior98 98

    The WhiteWolfWarrior98 98

     2 months ago

    That's even better then AVGN quote.

  • The WhiteWolfWarrior98 98

    The WhiteWolfWarrior98 98

     2 months ago

    That's Crash Team Racing! It got a remake.

  • Dave


     2 months ago

    Mayhem is better than World Tour, i could argue that

  • CallOfDrewthulhu


     2 months ago

    I only ever played Mayhem one single night of my life, and yet 20 years later I still occasionally hear Tony Schiavone yelling MOOOONSAULT!!! and RRRRRRRUNNING LEGDROP!!! hahaha. Definitely good memories of that game.

  • Mean Man

    Mean Man

     2 months ago

    Im glad i found your channel ☺️

  • Quincy Lee

    Quincy Lee

     2 months ago

    Love your work, man! A lot of us 90’s kids had so much in common. I myself was a mortal kombat fan, wcw fan, and sting fan as well. Thanks for making these excellent videos!

  • Aaron Taylor

    Aaron Taylor

     2 months ago

    11:25 - pertaining to the copyright on the Superman logo, WCW was owned by Ted Turner. Turner broadcasting systems merged with Time-Warner in 1996. Warner Bros. has owned DC comics since 1967.

    Long story short, no copyright concerns as both WCW and DC comics had the same parent company at the time.

  • OMR


     3 months ago

    Mayhem is the worst game in the history of games. It is so bad, its unbelievable.

  • Silvered Grunion

    Silvered Grunion

     3 months ago

    the ending of this video about you wanting to go back and watch just one more nitro with your cried. really hit home. this series is fantastic, well done

  • The Underdog

    The Underdog

     3 months ago

    1996 to 1998 was WCW.. 1999 to 2003 WWE

  • Darryl Seamer

    Darryl Seamer

     3 months ago

    "Blowing my balls in half" πŸ‘

  • Brandon Tenorio

    Brandon Tenorio

     3 months ago

    I never grew up with wcw nor its games so I watched this series without any prior knowledge, I was hooked to every episode in the series you put up. Can't wait for more awesome content and keep up the work! πŸ€™πŸ½