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  • Published on:  Tuesday, January 22, 2019
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  • ColoradoDashCam



    Credit needs to be given for these videos in my opinion. Last clip came full length and completely unedited off of my channel

  • Zo Green

    Zo Green

     2 days ago

    Did anyone see a red robot jumped in the video? Lol

  • Zo Green

    Zo Green

     2 days ago

    The guy item first clip got instant karma

  • Moon Ear

    Moon Ear

     3 days ago

    Do it again ! Do it again ! 😂

  • Derek Conklin

    Derek Conklin

     5 days ago

    Truth is that while driving you are legally obligated to drive safely, even if you have a dash cam. The dash cam is there to prove the other driver was driving aggressively or recklessly. If you can avoid an accident, you must do so. If you rear-end someone who simply cut you off -- it's going to be your fault.

  • Ian McCarthy

    Ian McCarthy

     5 days ago

    A Lamborarri 458 Super Scaglietti

  • R Garlin

    R Garlin

     5 days ago +1

    What's with these single-brain-celled drivers who can't even focus their dash-cams?

  • Eisman Bassin

    Eisman Bassin

     5 days ago

    NICE video lol, I started using this one really like it for the parking monitor too. But hope to get some cool footage soon

  • Stephen Fullerton

    Stephen Fullerton

     7 days ago

    what a load of shite

  • Buck D.

    Buck D.

     7 days ago

    lame video!

  • MADDOG MikeD

    MADDOG MikeD

     7 days ago

    4:22 If your dumb enough to jump on my car, your dumb a$$ is going for a ride!

  • Uncle Creepy

    Uncle Creepy

     7 days ago

    Never jump a red robot!

  • Slade The Original

    Slade The Original

     7 days ago

    Sure wasted enough time on the blue car video.

  • Frank


     7 days ago

    Honest to God, in America the white people have become negroes and the blacks have become white.

  • Ron Star

    Ron Star

     7 days ago +3

    Pretty boring collection of random cars getting ticketed.

  • David Ratty

    David Ratty

     7 days ago

    That curb came out of nowhere in the first clip.

  • Joao Girao

    Joao Girao

     7 days ago

    Way to go Flying Squad - saved my house from being robbed once upon a time and a pleasure to work with you at John Vorster Square - ex- Jo Burg Scommie and youngest police reservist ever at JVSquare Joao Girao 1982

  • amy bastian

    amy bastian

     14 days ago

    Fkin Jamoke trying to kill birds , He got exactly what he deserved , a broken axle and hopefully a bent frame .

  • Tdogtheripper


     14 days ago

    Oh damn is that a spaghetti noodle I didn't know those still existed. Very fast

  • AsGLeague


     14 days ago

    Wait ain't that a Ferrari