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  • Published on:  Thursday, February 4, 2016
  • YouTube user's Moozua cat recently passed away. This game is in memory of her cat. This was her favorite game.
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  • Bob Troizen

    Bob Troizen

     5 days ago

    my cat keeps looking behind my screen for the mouse, and then seemingly understands it doesn't exist and gets uninterested.

  • Danika Brien

    Danika Brien

     14 days ago

    My cat is asleep. The mouse got away dang it

  • Levi Drenth

    Levi Drenth

     14 days ago

    Mijn poes speelt er echt mee

  • Snowball The Rabbit

    Snowball The Rabbit

     28 days ago

    my cat just watched it

  • Tommy Coco

    Tommy Coco

     1 months ago

    My cat so obsessed with this haha
    Hi guys if don't mind please watch vid about my cat . Thankyou <3

  • Carl Shultz

    Carl Shultz

     1 months ago

    My cat Lolly went and left the room to go to the room behind the tv to find the mouse XD XD.

    Like and reply what happen to YOUR cat.

  • catty cat queen

    catty cat queen

     1 months ago

    Yes i shall be satisfied

  • Party Tomorrow

    Party Tomorrow

     1 months ago +1

    im not saying cough up the money to me im saying call old enemies because the enemy of my enemy is a friend for a time

  • Party Tomorrow

    Party Tomorrow

     1 months ago +1

    i suggest teaming up with people that you hardly like and spending more means saving more

  • SuperEugene41


     1 months ago

    Can’t believe no one has noticed the music . It’s a sick remix of the Duke Nukem 3D level rabid transit. One of my favourite from the game!

  • Starry Fest

    Starry Fest

     1 months ago

    My 8 month old kitten was genuinely interested in it and I was dying from laughter

    She's a Bengal cross, named Cheetah

  • Peg Jones

    Peg Jones

     2 months ago

    Thank you for posting this game. My cat loves it!

  • CookwithSarah


     2 months ago +3

    My cat loves this video. She knows the sounds and comes running when she hears it come on.

  • pete wood

    pete wood

     2 months ago

    i have a cat and he didnt aknowledge anything



     2 months ago

    4 million cats watched this

  • Kayia Teal

    Kayia Teal

     2 months ago

    My cat is in here going crazy

  • MrRobloxTutorialsGo YouTube

    MrRobloxTutorialsGo YouTube

     2 months ago

    My cat is just watching the mouse

  • Kitty • Devil

    Kitty • Devil

     3 months ago

    Is it normal it ur cat bites the screen

  • Melly MSP

    Melly MSP

     3 months ago

    My cat doesn’t like this one 😂

  • Crazy Kansan

    Crazy Kansan

     3 months ago

    Awesome sauce 😃