10 Rare Alternate Endings In Video Games

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  • Published on:  Friday, September 22, 2017
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    Most of us have seen the standard endings for our favorite games, but some games contain multiple endings which you might not even know about.

    Script by: Chris Reed

    Voice Over by: Justin Freitas

    Edited by: Kyle West

    Bloodborne | 0:31
    Ghosts 'N Goblins | 1:38
    Far Cry 4 | 2:36
    Heavy Rain | 3:32
    Until Dawn | 4:30
    Silent Hill 2 | 5:23
    Dishonoured | 6:23
    Firewatch | 7:23
    Nier | 8:22
    Chrono Trigger | 9:23

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/rVgCYnf7pho


  • RoYaLx savage54

    RoYaLx savage54

     2 days ago

    In crono trigger it looks like the creator of dragon ball z made it

  • Neon Claw

    Neon Claw

     6 days ago

    Yo it looks like dogo got the best of us in silent hill

  • Efrin Animations

    Efrin Animations

     7 days ago

    Wut about star wars return of the jedi if you lose to anakin as obi wan he kills his master and becomes the sith lord its pretty insane

  • Bandit Playz

    Bandit Playz

     7 days ago

    "You also get to hunt tigers which is enjoyable"
    Me: theres 3890 tigers left in the world

  • Eddie Garza

    Eddie Garza

     7 days ago

    Until dawn there are two endings you can save everyone aka the hard ending or get them all killed aka the fun ending

  • Youme Apaisam

    Youme Apaisam

     14 days ago

    Wow weres call of duty 2

  • Tianna Jorgensen

    Tianna Jorgensen

     14 days ago

    Not bo2?

  • Hurricane HD!

    Hurricane HD!

     14 days ago

    If nier takes place in the future,
    Then just use guns

  • Bonibonkers


     14 days ago

    low chaos in dishonoured isnt how many you kill, its who you kill. like if you do the dauds level thingy, when i did my low chaos playthrough, i killed 36 people, spared daud and got low chaos.

  • G3nr4l kimloniuz

    G3nr4l kimloniuz

     14 days ago

    C'mon Stanley Parable is the master of alternate endings

  • Kian Antonio Carpena

    Kian Antonio Carpena

     14 days ago


  • introvert inc.

    introvert inc.

     21 days ago

    I got the farcry 4 one by accident.

  • Mr. Troublemeyer

    Mr. Troublemeyer

     28 days ago

    There are three endings to this video: The one in which you watch the entire video, the individual ending in which you fractionally complete the session of the video, and the one in which you do not watch the video at all.

  • The Pikachu

    The Pikachu

     1 months ago

    Firewatch is kinda just like a game that is abute you another one and a goat monster :P

  • Aaron Schrader

    Aaron Schrader

     1 months ago

    What about undertale

  • Shaun Douglas

    Shaun Douglas

     1 months ago

    Omg the dog is Toby Fox

  • Shaun Douglas

    Shaun Douglas

     1 months ago

    Ok ok why do you people keep calling my name?

  • ZIH87 /JB_JOEF

    ZIH87 /JB_JOEF

     1 months ago

    Akira Toriyama had to have done the drawings for Chrono Trigger..

  • ZIH87 /JB_JOEF

    ZIH87 /JB_JOEF

     1 months ago

    Pause the video and go to 4:12
    That news reporter looks exactly like the missing kid
    4:25 From the way the noose is sitting around his neck it looks as if he‘S still standing on the stool

  • Joaquin De Los Rios

    Joaquin De Los Rios

     1 months ago