Top 100 Best Viral Videos of the Year 2019!

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  • Published on:  Saturday, November 30, 2019
  • 2019 has been a huge year with many ups and downs throughout. We have put together a HUGE 100 clip round up with our best viral videos...don’t worry we know you guys have probably seen a few of these before but we chucked in a some fresh ones just for you!

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  • Lane Whittington

    Lane Whittington

     2 hours ago

    Is nobody going to talk about the human fish hybrid? What the fu-

  • Ismail Choudhury

    Ismail Choudhury

     3 hours ago

    That fish must be a horcrux

  • FT AR Mamun

    FT AR Mamun

     4 hours ago

    You give me my gigs favorite please then i will give you special services for your marketing: @t

  • jaleel pc

    jaleel pc

     7 hours ago

    I think the Turkey is asking for its letter

  • SSI Stealth

    SSI Stealth

     10 hours ago

    8:56 it’s so cute

    And then


  • Me TU

    Me TU

     23 hours ago

    Aquatic snake looked like a diamond back rattle snake...

  • angelsofti_




  • Michael Brown

    Michael Brown


    I had a bird that would clean food or if my teeth if I let him it was funny and he loved it, I also had a big white Turkey that would do the same thing to any white vehicle especially the mail truck

  • Meva Lo

    Meva Lo


    do you want to know what is quran ??.watch this video😯

  • Thomas Schmidt

    Thomas Schmidt


    7.20 fucking savages

  • Riya Patel

    Riya Patel


    Parrot dentist

  • Chris



    How can a dog that big be in an airplane ?

  • Skatharoudi Rena

    Skatharoudi Rena


    Mom making fun of daughters tantrum!!! 14:30 Heartless bitch!!! Your kid deserves a better mom!

  • i_bleed_ makeup

    i_bleed_ makeup


    4:18 Bwahahahahaha 😂😂😂❤🐈❤❤🐈❤🐈
    12:27 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Garde Cue-Vaz

    Garde Cue-Vaz



  • Fun Boy

    Fun Boy


    30:00 that is scary ..i rather like babies break toys and poop....

  • william dolezal

    william dolezal


    What did you travel out of country to get that baby. Gross

  • g C

    g C

     2 days ago

    Lady that was mocking her kid throwing a fit screaming you know I don't understand the screaming I hear in the stores nowadays never heard that back when I was growing up we sure didn't do it I don't get it aside from a medical condition but I never heard it as a kid never heard it when my kids were kids

  • Haruno9Aarex


     2 days ago

    4:38 that must be gene from some pervert with weird fetish....

  • TOTEA 9999

    TOTEA 9999

     2 days ago

    Turkey was just expecting a very important package.