Videos for Cats to Watch - Squirrels and Birds Spectacular



  • thanks God bless you always Soon

    thanks God bless you always Soon

     7 months ago

    SO beautiful animals in the world and I love the that's chubby Squirrel and he's so cute...Thanks you Paul God bless you always.

  • Peg Jones

    Peg Jones

     a years ago

    My cat now waits patiently next to me whenever I'm on the computer. She loves Paul Dinning videos! If I don't put them on after she waits for a while she then starts meowing until I put on her videos!

  • Ken Riverwood

    Ken Riverwood

     a years ago


  • matthewsimpson


     a years ago

    My poor cat was awfully confused!

  • Pretty fly for a wise guy

    Pretty fly for a wise guy

     a years ago

    I have so my action shots of my (I call every cat either Big puss, Little puss or Puss-puss) puss watching these! But I enjoy them too. It’s like an escape from the horrid PA winter. I was wondering if anyone knew what that huge bird that landed on the tree stump was

  • Mady Lol

    Mady Lol

     2 years ago

    My cat took my phone and threw it in the toaster, now it's burnt

  • Caitlin Steichen

    Caitlin Steichen

     2 years ago +1

    My cat willma (yes it's spelled with 2 Ls) got 22:28 into the video

  • antisocialxkarla •

    antisocialxkarla •

     2 years ago

    My cat controlled my iPad and pressed on this video then watched this video so my cats reaction is she almost broke my ipad😂😂😂😂

  • iambella081


     2 years ago

    wow this video worked on my cat.👍

  • kittypaol


     2 years ago +1

    we have shutters up for hurricane Irma....she can't watch out window so very glad have this to play for her...thank you!

  • Rose chat

    Rose chat

     2 years ago

    Martine Leroux. Un Bonheur à contempler.

  • steph.annie.m


     2 years ago

    My cat just reacts to the birds and even then she just raises her head to watch them. Don't know if she is too lazy or she knows that it isn't real.

  • sanah rashid

    sanah rashid

     2 years ago

    its a lovely video but my cat tried to catch the bird! haha

  • Adam Solis

    Adam Solis

     2 years ago +1

    my cat loves your videos

  • Elmario


     2 years ago

    My cat love this video

  • Amal Abdulhakem

    Amal Abdulhakem

     2 years ago +1

    My cat was trying to go into the screen and trying to know where the bird was coming

  • Erin Hankie

    Erin Hankie

     2 years ago

    My kitten, Gulliver caught the birds. He eated them.

  • Fabuloso


     2 years ago

    my cat just made a huge crack on my phone ... yay

  • David Richards

    David Richards

     2 years ago

    FWIW this can be potentially damaging to screens, my cat tried to hunt my computer

  • Trotting Saddles

    Trotting Saddles

     2 years ago +1

    My cat just starred at the birds