Bare Naked Ladies - One week lyrics

  • Published on:  Friday, February 12, 2010
  • Song ; One Week

    By : Bare Naked Ladies

    made by ; lyricssfromthebest

    (i litssen to random music xD and thiis is one of them )
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  • U2Yes 1DNo EDCP/Sabrina Kitty/Brown/Hooves

    U2Yes 1DNo EDCP/Sabrina Kitty/Brown/Hooves

     22 hours ago

    The Cleveland Show brought me here

  • macka29au



    1:33 for your convenience

  • solid jelly

    solid jelly

     2 days ago

    Fuck yeah, I hate this song.

  • ReturnOfTheKing YT

    ReturnOfTheKing YT

     2 days ago +1

    This is rap

  • pablo escobar

    pablo escobar

     3 days ago


  • Royal MC

    Royal MC

     5 days ago

    Who's high as fuck and trying to keep up with the lyrics?

  • Todd M

    Todd M

     6 days ago

    *dancing to the bedroom*. “Honey”

  • Sir JJ

    Sir JJ

     6 days ago

    Years later these guys went on to sing the Big Bang Theory theme

  • Zombie SmittenKitten

    Zombie SmittenKitten

     7 days ago

    Who remembers this from that Digimon movie?

  • Edwin Roble

    Edwin Roble

     7 days ago

    My kind of rap music

  • skiracing18


     7 days ago

    Im out of breath just listening to this

  • toastygecko6781


     7 days ago

    "Chickety china the chines chicken"

  • Tyler Nicholls

    Tyler Nicholls

     7 days ago

    " still be two days we're wasabi"

  • Edward Creter

    Edward Creter

     14 days ago

    Awesome tune featuring, for the first time in pop music history, an honorable mention of HARRISON FORD!!! BARENAKED LADIES HAVE GOOD TASTE IN HEROES!!!

  • planet earth

    planet earth

     14 days ago

    1:55 sailor moon I'm starting to favor that anime

  • João Vítor

    João Vítor

     14 days ago

    culd tel iu :(

  • Can't remember my name

    Can't remember my name

     14 days ago

    “Gotta get in tune with sailor moon cause that cartoon has got the BOOM anime babes that make me think the wrong thing”
    I can see that you too are a man of culture

  • RodgersXLVmvp


     14 days ago

    The chinese chicken line was a tribe called quest/busta rhymes shoutout.

  • John Jonathan

    John Jonathan

     14 days ago

    I'm the kind of guy who wanks at a funeral

  • Krissy Jesus christ Satan Christ jesus

    Krissy Jesus christ Satan Christ jesus

     14 days ago

    Hiiii 1997-99 Jessie and bus pals in bayou dularge Louisiana