Top Fifty Favorite Video Games (Part 4)

  • Published on:  Tuesday, June 4, 2019
  • We come closer to the finale! We're getting to the really good stuff now!!!

    Sonic Mania Opening: Friends by Hyper Potions - Lyrical Adaptation by Chi-Chi

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  • Mien Melee

    Mien Melee

     6 months ago +12

    I think you should give credit to the person who gave the “Friends” (Sonic Mania) song lyrics...

  • Samantha Powell

    Samantha Powell

     a months ago

    Did you already do a playthrough of Celeste? If so, where can I find it?

  • Vega Yagami

    Vega Yagami

     3 months ago

    Judge me all you want when I say this...Sonic's friends have more character development than that one trick hedgehog. It doesn't help the fact that Sonic hogs all the spotlight. Seriously, SEGA needs to give some of Sonic's friends more attention (Nintendo gave Luigi, Toad and Peach their own games). The last time Tails and Knuckles got their own games was the Game Gear and 32X.

  • Patrick Pugh

    Patrick Pugh

     4 months ago

    Whoa whoa whoa how can you hate Sera but like Vivienne?

  • Art Minus Me

    Art Minus Me

     5 months ago

    P3FES > The rest... Never gets the love but P5 got that style yo

  • Adam Cunningham

    Adam Cunningham

     5 months ago

    My top ten favourite video games:

    10: Killer Instinct
    9: Dead Rising 2: Off the Record
    8: Skyrim
    7: Fallout 4
    6: Silent Hill 2
    5: Pokemon Emerald
    4: Destroy All Humans 2
    3: Grand Theft Auto 5
    2: Batman: Arkham City
    1: Resident Evil Remake

  • Jelmer


     5 months ago +1

    I am playing the Phoenix Wright trilogy on the switch, as well as Apollo Justice on my phone. I’ve loved it so far and will finish it over the summer

  • Isrel156


     5 months ago

    13:05 oi, Crash was Dark Souls before Demon's Souls was even conceptualized. Go play the original Crash 1 and tell me otherwise, I dare anyone to try. (I'm only talking about difficulty though, nothing else)

  • Sablonanime


     5 months ago

    Just picked up celeste, damn it’s good. Already beat the third chapter,

  • Cyber Omega Gamer

    Cyber Omega Gamer

     5 months ago

    Do you know where I can play Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door?

  • MicMacColvin


     5 months ago


  • Xx-aura Master-xX

    Xx-aura Master-xX

     5 months ago

    Come on make the final part

  • Andy Costanzo

    Andy Costanzo

     5 months ago

    Touhou =dark souls?

  • Kaelan McAlpine

    Kaelan McAlpine

     5 months ago

    I should call it, FE Awakening is in the Top 10.

  • Xx-aura Master-xX

    Xx-aura Master-xX

     5 months ago

    I can’t wait for the top 10

  • BlueKnight85


     5 months ago

    #20 to me is timeless. Don't @ me.

  • Charley Rodijk

    Charley Rodijk

     6 months ago

    I am actually sad I couldn't finish dpp and hgss, because if I could then I would keep playing, but it was on a r4 card and because of that it always crashed in the slow poke tunnel when fighting proton.

  • Jehu Nelson

    Jehu Nelson

     6 months ago

    Can you please do top 10 psychos or giants/titans pleases

  • Deon Taylor

    Deon Taylor

     6 months ago

    I love Skies of Arcadia. Thanks for including it on your list.

  • SonicStar917


     6 months ago

    Love your lists, Oscar! When this countdown is completed, would you possibly do one about your Top 10 Aliens in Video Games?