Video Killed the Radio Star - Pomplamoose

  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 29, 2014

    We hung white table clothes on the walls of our studio and built sets out of foam core to create a "3D" screen. Only one projector was used to project images onto the various surfaces.

    Special Thanks to Epson for sending us this INCREDIBLE PROJECTOR!! What an incredible machine. Thank you for the help, the vote of confidence, and the generous projector donation!
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  • Rafael J

    Rafael J

     21 days ago


  • Braian marques

    Braian marques

     28 days ago

    Que bosta

  • Don Jones

    Don Jones

     a months ago

    Did not like the ad choices!

  • Hideo Kojima

    Hideo Kojima

     2 months ago cover by indonesian talent

  • somentertainment


     4 months ago

    Amazing work!

  • Mr Endial

    Mr Endial

     5 months ago

    I miss this style of videos. I’m definitely not upset that it’s gone though. I know you two are busy and this was a massive project. I know I’m not the only one who thinks like this as well, you two have enough to deal with for making bumping music your fans can jam to anytime of day

  • dudeawsomeness1


     5 months ago

    If video killed the radio star are we watching the murderer?

  • Adrian Schubert

    Adrian Schubert

     6 months ago

    Wow. know.

  • David Clarke

    David Clarke

     7 months ago

    So great!

  • ntrlymnam


     7 months ago

    i watch this everyday for the last five years. i have to , that should tell you something i love Pomplamoose

  • Angie Evans

    Angie Evans

     8 months ago

    Very creative and innovative

  • Kick biker

    Kick biker

     9 months ago

    A cross between Buggles and Yes ... very good!

  • James Heard

    James Heard

     11 months ago

    This video deserves a Wes Anderson biopic.

  • André Python

    André Python

     11 months ago

    Un vrai massacre !!! Vraiment nul, nul, nul.

  • Jason Ashlock II

    Jason Ashlock II

     a years ago

    OMG how did you do that

  • Jeffrey


     a years ago

    Very creative!

  • Les B

    Les B

     a years ago

    Now Im gonna have NIGHTMARES.
    But it's worth it.

  • 20 Koko

    20 Koko

     a years ago


  • Themy


     a years ago


  • Geoff Bagwell

    Geoff Bagwell

     a years ago

    Brilliant! Love this song. Like this version too . . .