If it were not filmed, no one would believe it #5

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  • Published on:  Friday, November 29, 2019
  • No one was seriously injured, but the moments they captured on film were amazing. You have to see some of these moments to believe them. Moments away from catastrophic failure is a dangerous place to be.

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  • Source: https://youtu.be/tu08SKv4qAU




     1 months ago +293

    When u go into exams without revision 1:25

  • Erik Larson

    Erik Larson

     36 minutes ago

    2:10 Now that's what I call real hanggliding.

  • Blackfalk


     5 hours ago

    9:03 adamantium is real (his balls are made of it)

  • Justin


     9 hours ago

    The paragliding he could’ve landed it at 1:59 dumb biiitch it would’ve been a rough landing but damn imagine if the poor guy didn’t have a hood grip to last that long

  • Cliff Curtis

    Cliff Curtis

     9 hours ago

    That person not attached to the hang glider is one of the stupidest thing I've ever seen.

  • Papi chulo

    Papi chulo

     12 hours ago

    0:55 karma

  • BigHairyDwarf


     13 hours ago

    The glider and the parachute people my heart was in my throat. Motorcycle kitten saver bro if I ever know you I will buy you a ton of your favorite beverage.

  • Marshal Jim Duncan

    Marshal Jim Duncan

     14 hours ago

    4:01 Finally, I can enjoy my ride now...

  • amigo mac

    amigo mac

     14 hours ago

    9:50 whoever the biker was that stopped the traffic and saved the poor kitten from certain death is the BEST and i wish him/her all the BEST and a big pat on the back WELL DONE.

  • solip sism

    solip sism

     15 hours ago

    The para gliding one is annoying if you notice he is standing on a strap that completely takes the weight off his arm and body. He could hang on for eternity with this method. He fooled a lot of people without hindsight and perception. Were you one of them like me?

  • Sandra Conko

    Sandra Conko

     15 hours ago


  • Alan Heath

    Alan Heath

     17 hours ago

    The first one why would anyone have a tree near house.

  • shaun nazari

    shaun nazari

     18 hours ago

    0:22 Welldone truck driver!!!

  • RubenHernandezMusic


     18 hours ago

    Anyone know what city is below the handglider?? Is amazing

  • mp44dude


     20 hours ago

    I really like how the hang glider idiot pilot decides its better to fly longer instead of just landing immediately

  • Bentley Boogyman

    Bentley Boogyman


    The storm n thunder video was amazing

  • Just4fun


     yesterday +1

    What do we lerned of this video?
    Always film evrything!

  • Daniel777



    So sad for the umbrella kid 4:28

  • D ʝả ħ

    D ʝả ħ


    Dude just glided all the way with no safety 🤷‍♂️

    And his friend just doesn't give a fucc

  • TS Fallout

    TS Fallout

     yesterday +3

    4:35 me when anchor