Eddie Murphy calls Taco Bell

  • Published on:  Tuesday, January 21, 2014
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  • Source: https://youtu.be/vIdP01p4SqU


  • LuMnOsITi


     6 hours ago +1

    "Do I sound like the kind of man who wants to order something" 😂😂

  • BubbaSmurfingSon


     8 hours ago

    sunset and silverlake los angeles i past through there all the time lol

  • Lame Entity

    Lame Entity

     10 hours ago

    4:27 comestate

  • James Spencer

    James Spencer

     14 hours ago

    Hello, it is I. Eddie Murphy, of Papa Murphys pizza.

  • Pecan Noodles

    Pecan Noodles

     16 hours ago

    this video is just a still image of Eddie Murphy while dunkey tries to reserve a restaurant for him and Lea

  • Nick 4514

    Nick 4514

     20 hours ago

    badabada, post the beans!

  • Imposs Gaming

    Imposs Gaming


    This is honestly so funny 😂

  • jeebs621



    9:49 is best part

  • KeisukeMito


     2 days ago

    10:14 "Hey I'm looking for a BIG ASS BUTT video!"
    "Look in the mirror!"
    Holy Fuck

  • Dark Makor

    Dark Makor

     2 days ago


  • meztow


     3 days ago

    The part that makes this so much more funnier is the Eddie Murphy picture looking at you voiced by dunkey

  • Ian Upton

    Ian Upton

     3 days ago

    he doesn't even sound like Eddie Murphy

  • vSyn3rGY !

    vSyn3rGY !

     3 days ago


  • Send Noodles

    Send Noodles

     4 days ago +1

    Edy murfy

  • The Boring Case files

    The Boring Case files

     4 days ago

    Holy crap I’ve just noticed the guy in the background at 4:11. I’m not very observant.

  • MLG Wolfie

    MLG Wolfie

     4 days ago


  • Dugaia Frost

    Dugaia Frost

     4 days ago

    Leslie is a saint

  • RazzerRaw


     4 days ago

    SfrThHhreeeeeeeeeee BuhEaueaunsssss Puhhhleeease

    "Are you calling to make a reservation?"

  • Eve Solop

    Eve Solop

     5 days ago

    2:28 PELO MODE has been activated

  • John is Big gay

    John is Big gay

     5 days ago

    Book marking 9:52