Beyond Scared Straight: Top 8 Most Epic Fights & Showdowns from Season 2 | A&E

  • Published on:  Saturday, September 28, 2019
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    Check out the best showdowns and most epic fights between the teens, officers, and inmates from Season 2, including a teen who swings a punch at an officer, a teen who spits on an inmate, and an inmate who threatens the cameraman. #BeyondScaredStraight
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    "Beyond Scared Straight" follows derailed, defiant, and disrespectful teens who are forced to spend a day in jail with convicted felons to experience life behind bars.

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  • A&E


     21 days ago +103

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  • Blue Bopped Hawk

    Blue Bopped Hawk

     12 minutes ago

    Cop: standing still

    Girl: swings at her and misses

  • Loser McGee

    Loser McGee

     16 minutes ago +1

    Tbh after watching all of these videos, the loud inmates who get in the kids' faces don't even compare to Big Dragon. That dude is the scariest inmate of all

  • Z. S.R.

    Z. S.R.

     28 minutes ago

    Why did the cops suddenly take away the check fraud girl? What did she do?

  • Leslie Bernard Rose

    Leslie Bernard Rose

     54 minutes ago

    the prisoners are brilliant

  • SLiM M

    SLiM M

     an hour ago +1

    "You got friends in there?"
    "I got a lot of friends."
    "You wanna go say hi?"

  • Mechanicsburg BMX

    Mechanicsburg BMX

     2 hours ago

    Do you people not see the issue with this

  • Liteshow Mel

    Liteshow Mel

     3 hours ago

    A I fw Brandon 😂😂

  • Luke Stalnaker

    Luke Stalnaker

     4 hours ago

    The guy in the background at 3:40

  • CinnamonBun247


     5 hours ago

    “Hit me if you want to”
    hits the officer
    “yOu’Re HiTtInG tHe WrOnG pErSoN”

  • Xx_ReTro_xX 569

    Xx_ReTro_xX 569

     5 hours ago

    And don’t get in there face it’s disrespectful 1:30 don’t put your hands on them if you don’t want them to touch you

  • Xkush_Beats


     5 hours ago

    This is nothing 🤣🤣

  • Xkush_Beats


     5 hours ago


  • Jihanna Hainé

    Jihanna Hainé

     5 hours ago

    When you single and see a couple

  • rolla47


     6 hours ago

    Them crocs though

  • Dave Doore

    Dave Doore

     7 hours ago

    See how they all black

  • Reno Verrin

    Reno Verrin

     7 hours ago

    Does anyone is these prisons know how to speak correctly sounds like gangsters running gangsters

  • Chris Maltman

    Chris Maltman

     10 hours ago

    if you gonna try and spit at someone at least hock up a huge greener before you do....that was pathetic

  • Healz


     10 hours ago +1

    0:08 her hand went to africa and came back lol. She is a real "fighter" if she swing like that xD

  • Obscene


     11 hours ago +1

    These Americans are cringe 'my hood' stfu