NEW!! Worst Drivers in the World 2018

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  • Published on:  Monday, November 13, 2017
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    NEW!! Worst Drivers in the World 2018
    NEW!! Worst Drivers in the World 2018

    Viewers' Reactions Leafez 1 month ago (edited) Worst drivers can be found in Russia... REPLY 126 View all 28 replies Matuchki _ 99,9% of these crashes are from russia😂😂 91 6 Darrion new crash compilation 2017 Take A lot accidents could have been avoided if people just pay attention 43 reply Austin Wood Russian garbage 😂 55 5 HARRY GRIFFITHS Why does EVERYONE Russia a camera their goddamn car!?! 23 8 Joe Gardner drive to fast 7 SAVAGE AF don't fools brakes 21 Chris C. idiot drivers causing accidents and crashes 2017 Some shouldn't licences 15 Greg Bowlan Love your vids...... You the BS before and after wrecks like others ..... Keep it up 13 2 Slime Dude 4:28 that truck driver has late reflex 12 heinz 490 bad cars shitty tyres no abs traction control Insurance brain Dutil41 I love how some floor gas immediately crash.. so they finish damages on car lmao Florida Kid Incorrect, did not see my mom this list. 3 Gadget :p LOVE "Hang Time" 0:43 DanielDaniel1 This channel finds great clips. good work! Damn Train world...more Ishan Day How get licenses? 4 salah gamal Russians: "i am going drive....hold beer" TheDesiredUsername it. idiot drivers 2017 don’t brakes. Gas is there but optional Aminakrium Looks need for speed Apple Bee weeks The last one had purpose. guy drove into him as were GTA5. mikas lopes 0:42 i play gta5 ahahha Jatin Garg think most them lady drivers.. Aslam kaseri crazy man driving russian Gamer Boy Hi lada Robert Keefer Good Lord they're trying kill each other! retard drivers 2017 Jan Rauschütz LMAO first one, License Plate knew Camera was show anthony marshall scary crashes compilation 2017 There can't meny larders left every time watch at least five written off maddingo 50% too conditions failure yield basically. supercar crashes 2017 Taroski Jackson week highway tj jefferson What ever language clip probably ugliest sounding ever. always hear when im watching kinds videos drivins world only russia Ryan kumar Hopefully ok.. Amogh Rao 3rd comment A380FlyinGamer Productions 2:18 DUMB COP MarkBulgarelli bad drivers compilation 2017 Where's rolls Seacat Playz 1:41 "BE GONE MY GOOD SIR" Abdiel Joachim what Vladimir Putin said "In we rules crash parking lot" Kaido D Now you ,now 1.41 Angry General 0:23 2:22 XD Yash jaiN Watch 0.25X Magic!!!! Greesp Late day where bentley? downvote BookOfArseniy stupid drivers compilation 2017 days soldiers best trained I’m RUSSIAN SO SHUT THE FÜCK UP Guyz subscribe me I’ll back Basavaraj Karagi knows accident happen ?? zachary101 katalak fatal crashes 2017 1:03 girl involved because her lucky dice. Lol Furious Gamer7 1:43 poor glass hang out with Behzad Rezayi راننده های روسی گاوترین دنیا هستن i crashed my car Perry Wong 0:47 hit stunt!!!!!!!!!!!!! DrHouse2004 4:38 mazda cx7 1:34 1:10 never hapend its movie set general lee Jason Kim Was 2:23? 😂😂 accidents and crashes compilation 2017 Amandine Adam Past ideal realize enough arrange partner northeast Latin own Peter Luzifer Wenn wir die Russen nicht hätten, exotic car crashes 2017 ziehen aber auch immer Best Show ab.👌👌👍 LMSRB BUDDY Wtf he thanking us Vlad Пиздец ciliya bernard country? dont seem streets. new ferrari crash limits. looks everyday there. Store In thumbnail CAR!!!! dashcam crashes 2017 Stefano Di Franco Russians animals Zelda Azzahra Got dizzy, why dumb -_- Shay Colemach 1.09 forgot charger Umar Farooq worse place earth lol Heimdahl swear got PIT manuver down pat.......and aren't even trying, lol. know many I've seen little bitty Car PITs (unintentionally) Large SUV or Truck winds side upside down. wouldn't unless freaking Tank. Jasmeet Singh Khalsa Bruh who gave driver's listen Mummy Xxx Parker 1:11 scary Bernard Abillonar When you're plane.Oops maybe idiot pilot thing go UżYtkownik48 PL bet, bmw crashes, audi crashes, mercedes crashes licence Kinder Surprise amos lenbaite Nice roads awesome greyrounds 0:20 holy fuck meghan Steinberger feel watched someone pepe ans Nada de eso pasaría si pusieran topes hacia como en México :v Fahad Cool Backup Like :D Wasi Haider It's dangerous Franklin Clinton They might GTA
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  • Videoniha Official

    Videoniha Official

     6 months ago +41

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  • Luther B

    Luther B

     21 days ago +1

    If you have to drive in Russia drive an army tank by the way keep the turret hatch locked at all times

  • Stephen Spreckley

    Stephen Spreckley

     1 months ago

    I never realized there was a driving school for the blind in Russia. Is vodka also a mandatory requirement?

  • アニスキ


     1 months ago

    7:31 Russian Taxis are best

  • Jayden plays ROBLOX

    Jayden plays ROBLOX

     1 months ago

    4:36 like a boss

  • Tyfon 44

    Tyfon 44

     1 months ago

    Frame 2:32. There is something (paranormal) wrong with that building and I want to find out. It is a milli sec frame that just caught me.

    Any one ? Replies in Russian are welcome as well.

  • Will4May


     1 months ago

    These speed along see a junction coming and It's like the movie Days of Thunder, "the rule is you dont slow down you just go for it".

    In the UK its mostly BMW, Audi, Mercedes and Range Rover drivers that are the idiots of the road, but in these I see more Lada's, even if the Lada wasnt in the accident theres one somewhere nearby, I actually want by one in UK but they are expensive, and now I see why, though plenty of parts.

    Also see a lot of oversteering, few of these wouldnt have been a crash if they didnt throw the steering so much.

  • Honza z Ostravy

    Honza z Ostravy

     1 months ago

    3:10 Renault Duster? I know Dacia Duster only.

  • Stephen Kunst

    Stephen Kunst

     1 months ago

    The American videos are tame compared to these.

  • Charles Davis

    Charles Davis

     1 months ago

    The BEST !!!

  • ilovemichaelertel


     1 months ago

    8:51 How?

  • ilovemichaelertel


     1 months ago


  • Mathias Delias

    Mathias Delias

     1 months ago

    Vive la Russie .C'est des dingues au volant.

  • Djamz M

    Djamz M

     1 months ago

    You people SUUUUUUCK at driving!

  • Mr. OTZ

    Mr. OTZ

     1 months ago

    it should be illegal in Russia for drivers to drive with their eyes closed

  • Anoop Uchil

    Anoop Uchil

     1 months ago +1

    In all other nations, you slow down and hit the brakes at the first signs of danger. In Russia, you go full gas.

  • Marko Zivak

    Marko Zivak

     1 months ago

    I wouldn't go to Russia even for a million Rubles

  • Shehjad Ali

    Shehjad Ali

     1 months ago

    4:42 get out my way😁

  • Jas


     1 months ago +1

    Are most of them drunk, high, no brain or blind when they drive? Russia has one of the worest drivers.

  • Catherine P

    Catherine P

     1 months ago

    So glad the doggies didn't get hit. 🐶