Video Killed The Radio Star (Sim Gretina Remix)

  • Published on:  Tuesday, December 11, 2012
  • Oh-ooh! Also, FLCL is cool.
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  • Katja Cira

    Katja Cira

     21 days ago

    QUICK! enjoy this video and song before tik tok sees it

  • Nostalgic PeanutButter

    Nostalgic PeanutButter

     9 months ago

    Why do the verses sound terribly mixed up? Chorus and intro beat is good tho

  • Tyler Tremallose

    Tyler Tremallose

     9 months ago +1

    16 and pregnant killed the video star.

  • redder_dominator


     9 months ago

    Why is the back ground Fooly Cooly, is it because of canti?



     11 months ago

    Good song

  • CaptainAlliance


     11 months ago

    and now it's a meme.

  • Paulhorne Schillings

    Paulhorne Schillings

     a years ago

    After opening the N.O. portal, Lord Canti pursued a music career. Presented here, his first breakout hit: Video Killed The Radio Star.

  • TamagotchiKiller


     a years ago

    🅱ideo killed the radio star

  • JimThePinkDuck


     a years ago +12

    It's funny because internet is currently killing video star.

  • Damian Starks

    Damian Starks

     a years ago

    Love this !

  • AdrienKennebec


     a years ago

    i find this version annoying.

  • Best Anime Hero

    Best Anime Hero

     2 years ago

    Happy song with dark message, I love these kinds of songs

  • M.X.P Master Roshi

    M.X.P Master Roshi

     2 years ago

    Sonic colours?

  • The Reeds

    The Reeds

     2 years ago

    The lyrics aren't arranged right.

  • Noah Constable

    Noah Constable

     2 years ago

    Oh my God! I've been listening to this all day today thinking: "This is like an English FLCL song".
    And here I am listening to one of my favorite artists making the same connection!

    ...oh, and great music as always, Sim. ;)

  • Otto Dynamite

    Otto Dynamite

     2 years ago

    t h e y g o t t h e l y r i c s w r o n g

  • Pumadillo


     2 years ago

    I love the original thank you for this

  • hawt shaymin

    hawt shaymin

     2 years ago

    y u do dis



     2 years ago +1

    If you were to release some of your music on iTunes or something like that, I'd be more than happy to buy it.

  • Emma Dukes

    Emma Dukes

     2 years ago

    This reminded me of Greg's quote from Steven Universe "Video killed the audio star"