10 Kids Who Got In Trouble Because Of Video Games

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  • Published on:  Saturday, May 25, 2019
  • Kids love to play games but these 10 kids ended up spending so much money on online games that they got into trouble with their parents and some companies.

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    Spending thousands of dollars on online gaming. Of course, there are plenty of benefits to online gaming. They can encourage teens to forge new friendships, to use their brain in a new way, or to think up creative ways around new tasks. But then there's the darker side, when some kids use this new found creativity to type a credit card number into an app to receive some virtual gold or some extra in-game aesthetics
  • Source: https://youtu.be/x79pHVkpvyM


  • TheRichest


     7 months ago +73

    The new generation of Mad lads

    Btw, what was your favorite game growing up?

  • Rajeev Russ Amado

    Rajeev Russ Amado

     4 days ago

    Crossout but i dont buy anything with money

  • Zyon Jensen

    Zyon Jensen

     14 days ago

    Roblox fortnite gacha life Minecraft u know what just F** Games😂😂

  • iiamFaithy


     1 months ago

    !!! i Hope RobLox Ain't Gonna Be Violate!!!!!

  • Mihael Smilevski

    Mihael Smilevski

     2 months ago

    see thats why my mom lets me use her card because i dont spend it ohh i get it now!! if i want to buy something on games i ask :)

  • Jordan Thomson

    Jordan Thomson

     2 months ago

    bad kids!

  • Izzy Plays

    Izzy Plays

     3 months ago

    When I was little I spent £800 on talking angelina. It was a good job I was sick that night otherwise my mom would of killed me

    I also spent £300 on Roblox.
    I wasn’t sick that night, I was in humongous trouble.

  • Jacob 1st

    Jacob 1st

     3 months ago

    Back in the 1950s, I think kids would’ve maxed their parents credit cards out on stuff such as junk food, movie tickets, records, and long distance phone calls.

  • Jacob 1st

    Jacob 1st

     3 months ago

    Nintendo just released Mario Kart Tour today, so my only guess is that kids are going to steal their parents credit cards to get the in-app purchases for that game.

  • Bryan Mitchum

    Bryan Mitchum

     4 months ago

    Hell yeah I would lock my son for making purchases without me knowing of it. This kids need to learn responsibility these days

  • Cory Bro

    Cory Bro

     4 months ago

    10 kids who got in trouble because of smartphone apps. 60% of these "games" I would barely be able to call it an app.

  • Jm Pach

    Jm Pach

     4 months ago

    he should have spend 53,377 on vbuck or robux

  • XxCuteFoxiesxX OrangeDorito

    XxCuteFoxiesxX OrangeDorito

     4 months ago +2

    I don't make videos because of copyright. No I'm serious my dad will have to pay lmao 😂

  • Ryan Gardiner

    Ryan Gardiner

     5 months ago

    karen: video games cause violence
    Kyle entered the chat

  • TurboTure


     5 months ago

    11:53 my parents would throw me of a cliff. Not relly.

  • Natalia Garcia

    Natalia Garcia

     5 months ago


  • David Chavez

    David Chavez

     5 months ago

    This happens on console games as well because of evil MICROTRANSCTIONS!!!!

  • TheFirePlayer14540


     6 months ago

    So, what did we learn today? In app purchases are worthless.

  • Andres Lopez

    Andres Lopez

     6 months ago

    I spent 5000 dollars on fortnite by my moms 💳

  • Jasmine J

    Jasmine J

     6 months ago

    I had a my little pony game on my IPad I spent money on pony bucks. I was not happy when my parents deleted it.