Tribute to Reggie

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  • Published on:  Saturday, March 2, 2019
  • He's going back to dreamcast.
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  • hunter



    God he made the Wii u sound exciting


  • RayRexDex


     5 days ago

    Thanks to Reggie the first ever game was made Super Mario Brothers after that he knocked it out of the park with Super Mario Brothers 2 and then Knack and then Knack 2 as he fought against the evil force of EA to dominate the world in his battles he destroyed the microtransactions using quality titles like Fortnite and Fortnite 2 sadly he died when Microsoft bought Nintendo and then sold Knack 3 on the Xbox U.
    R.I.P. Reggie



     7 days ago

    Was that dunkey and reggie at the end?

  • Thomas Reyna

    Thomas Reyna

     7 days ago

    thats amazing

  • The Underwater Crew!!!

    The Underwater Crew!!!

     7 days ago +1

    If you don’t miss Reggie...


  • The Beast Within

    The Beast Within

     7 days ago

    When I was younger I thought Bruno Mars was one of Reggies’ alter egos...

  • shrimp19921


     14 days ago

    Dude tried way too hard to be hip.

  • Andrew Gross

    Andrew Gross

     14 days ago +1

    I cried 5 times. What is all of your records? I almost cried 7 times but I held it back for Reggie.

  • Matthew Roth

    Matthew Roth

     14 days ago +1

    What an absolute legend, truly a towering pillar who stands as THE example of what a gaming executive should strive to be.

  • rgrabs Gaming

    rgrabs Gaming

     14 days ago

    chad stride

  • QMan1234red


     14 days ago

    Reggie’s comin to Smash confirmed bayBEEEEEE

  • Comrade Seanski

    Comrade Seanski

     21 days ago

    when todd howard retires

    The lying King

  • Moe


     21 days ago

    Well said

  • Micah Beckner

    Micah Beckner

     21 days ago

    Rip Reggie

    Our bodies will always be ready

  • I Eat Garbage

    I Eat Garbage

     21 days ago

    Hi! My name is Reggie. And I like guys. I... really like guys. There's just something about them. I like their touch, their smell. Their... taste. I like to be taken from behind. To feel them push their way inside me. I like it when they call me cute as they thrust into me, feeling the heat of their breath on the back of my neck... I like... Oh! I'm sorry, I got myself all worked up. Would you like to help me cool down?

  • Ryan Dement

    Ryan Dement

     28 days ago

    That shot with Reggie and Zero is legendary

  • Rowlet Playz10

    Rowlet Playz10

     28 days ago

    My body will allways be ready reggie.
    I will miss you...

  • Cringe Sauce

    Cringe Sauce

     28 days ago

    Reggie's a cutie 😏😉

  • Mr Potato

    Mr Potato

     1 months ago +1


  • That_H0mm1ess _Man

    That_H0mm1ess _Man

     1 months ago

    Hey hey hey you

    Dunkey plushies?