Dunkey Streams Super Mario Sunshine Part 2

  • Published on:  Sunday, April 1, 2018
  • Streamed 3-31-2018 Twitch.tv/dunkstream

    Dunkey and Leah return to the only good mario and scream even more this time. RIT ears.
  • Source: https://youtu.be/yMnALqQo07Y


  • SirMeatwad Games

    SirMeatwad Games

     7 days ago

    "No screaming I promise"
    20 seconds later...

  • Kirima


     7 days ago

    The green wall penguin

  • Brick


     7 days ago

    Dunk: "You better not die"

    Well I guess she didn't die

  • george aka Angrycheese

    george aka Angrycheese

     a months ago +1

    14:07 shadow mario just became shadow moses

  • Steven Mills

    Steven Mills

     a months ago

    A dog is a man's best friend

  • Kirima


     2 months ago

    1:36:50 Jason sounds like a girl xD

  • ColonelDrax


     3 months ago +1

    To anyone watching this who plays this game, you can kill the ducks in the watermelon level by stunning them over a dunebud and popping the bud. It makes the level super easy.

    You can also get to the lily pad island without touching the water by spin jumping with yoshi into the upper left corner window of the building behind of the woman who wants bananas for a blue coin. Once you glitch into the building just continuously jump until you get to the ocean, then run to the island

  • Brendon Harvey

    Brendon Harvey

     3 months ago +1

    the last fail had to be staged, my heart collapsed

  • Dr.PersonManSir


     4 months ago

    Leah can break the sound barrier



     4 months ago +2

    I never asked for Leah's screams. Ow.

  • Big Mean Squeeze

    Big Mean Squeeze

     4 months ago

    such a buggy game but its my favorite.
    supermario64 < sunshine

  • Justin Wadsworth

    Justin Wadsworth

     5 months ago

    '...just kidding, you don't get a lunchable."

    Leah is amazing lol

  • Michael Brocaglia

    Michael Brocaglia

     5 months ago

    1:20 rip headphone users

  • ZAS


     5 months ago

    This game was one of the first that i raged to. I didn’t know how to rage at a game so i just sat there angrily.

  • Coy Frisk

    Coy Frisk

     6 months ago +4

    I think its sweet that Dunk teases Leah about the chicken shine not existing, but legitimately tries to get it for her the moment she leaves the room.

  • ArcanineBr


     6 months ago

    Sure, Leah seems bad, but then you watch Darksydephil and compare them and she looks like a professional

  • Dale Corey

    Dale Corey

     8 months ago

    The ending is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a very long time lmao

  • Common Chris

    Common Chris

     9 months ago +1

    1:53:44 best scream of them all

  • TheSuperblackmetal


     9 months ago

    That last minute holy shit lmfaooooooooo

  • Isaiah Williams

    Isaiah Williams

     9 months ago +3

    Did You Know Gaming:
    The man who designed the squid race was actually murdered by miyamoto himself