CAT GAMES - Catching Spiders! Entertainment Video for Cats and Dogs to Watch.

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  • Published on:  Monday, January 11, 2016
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    Games for Cats - Catching Spiders / Tarantula.



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  • ashaadzman


     7 days ago

    my cat really love spider !!!

  • Euphoria


     14 days ago

    That was my cat😬

  • Pizza Baker

    Pizza Baker

     1 months ago +1

    This worked on my dog-

  • Freddy Frostbear

    Freddy Frostbear

     2 months ago

    What’s the app name?

  • Faith Blacksmith

    Faith Blacksmith

     3 months ago

    Oof this is like the best most animals love it minus horses because Oof idk hem it’s the tiniest thing for them lolol

  • Macy Lagunas

    Macy Lagunas

     4 months ago

    I just got a new kitten today and she loved this thx so cute😺

  • Ishfa Iqra

    Ishfa Iqra

     4 months ago

    Our kittens loved this video they were actually catching the spiders 😊😘

  • superbadgerdoom


     4 months ago

    Luckily she did not use claws on my monitor.

  • willie uadiski

    willie uadiski

     4 months ago

    I showed this to my gecko and she bit the fuck out of my thumb where I was holding my phone. 10/10

  • Fernando Rey

    Fernando Rey

     5 months ago

    My dog kept scar thing 5it

  • Brooke Is A TikToker

    Brooke Is A TikToker

     6 months ago

    Nice sound uhhh it hurts my ears

  • Daisy Cocoa

    Daisy Cocoa

     6 months ago

    yah.. not a fan of teaching my cat to attack poisonous spiders.

  • Marjorie Cajan

    Marjorie Cajan

     6 months ago

    Jaja, mi perro lo amó <3

  • 💔XxXwølfiëXxX💖


     6 months ago

    My dog ❤💜 it

  • 💔XxXwølfiëXxX💖


     6 months ago

    My dpg lpved it lol

  • im a MOCHI ʕ•ε•ʔ

    im a MOCHI ʕ•ε•ʔ

     7 months ago +1


  • Devilish x

    Devilish x

     7 months ago

    My puppy is punching the screen rn and eating my phone

  • Katherine Zhinin

    Katherine Zhinin

     8 months ago

    My cat enjoyed this video so much that when he put his paws on the screen the iPad fell on his head 🤭😂😂 he ran away so fast

  • Navi Dendi

    Navi Dendi

     8 months ago

    Showed this to my dog and now he bite my phone

  • The Topaz

    The Topaz

     8 months ago

    My cat and dog started having growling matches over who got to play on the phone with this video playing. the Millennials are affecting even the animals with technology nowadays lol