Cat TV - Video for Cats - Birds Extravaganza : 7 Hours of TV for Cats with Beautiful Bird Sounds ✅

  • Published on:  Saturday, April 23, 2016
  • Cat TV - Video for Cats - Birds Extravaganza : 7 Hours of TV for Cats with Beautiful Bird Sounds and Song

    Video Produced by Paul Dinning - Wildlife in Cornwall #PaulDinning
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  • L P

    L P

     4 days ago +1

    Clearly I am a cat, since I cannot stop watching this.

  • Horacio


     7 days ago

    lol my cat is 100% in hunting modus and try to jump into the display. Like it ty

  • catsfive


     7 days ago +1

    My cat (a 4mo kitten) literally just face-planted off his perch from excitement from watching this... I had no idea this existed for cats, but, this is bookmarked for sure! LOL, we are killing ourselves laughing

  • Differently Driven

    Differently Driven

     14 days ago

    This was so enjoyable. My cat liked it too. I would love to have the little beauties in my yard.

  • Mugly Mae

    Mugly Mae

     1 months ago +1

    i would do this myself but the squirrels and birds would probably steal the camera and eat it

  • Confused Kermit

    Confused Kermit

     2 months ago


    Edit: sorry My cat wrote this no joke 🤣😂

  • russ register

    russ register

     2 months ago

    what are you feeding them?

  • ecrwarren


     2 months ago

    I left my cat unattended while she was watching this. I came back to everything around my screen being knocked over.

  • عبد الله

    عبد الله

     2 months ago

    تم عمر

  • Barb Byerly

    Barb Byerly

     3 months ago +1

    Thank you for all the effort! Beautiful videos.

  • 28Magdalena Porter

    28Magdalena Porter

     3 months ago +2

    My cat only looked at the birds. 😂

  • Allendrei Entela

    Allendrei Entela

     3 months ago +1

    my cat softly pets those little birdies on the screen lol such a cutie

  • scyllabub


     3 months ago +1

    Simply superb.

  • Maj B

    Maj B

     3 months ago

    Warning:😡 my cat stared at the laptop for a while. I left the room and he attacked the pc chasing that squirrel 🙈. The latter is still alive but the laptop ain't!!!

  • Paul Flanagan

    Paul Flanagan

     4 months ago

    i dont have a cat, this is for me and i love it purrrrrrr!

  • B Sherwood

    B Sherwood

     4 months ago

    My cat's searching behind my tablet for the birds, they are spectacular looking! Was wondering where's this location & looks like they're eating sunflower seeds? 🐦🌻💚

  • xXT1MM3YXx


     4 months ago

    Meine Katze ist in den bildschirm gesprungen

  • EmilyBlogs


     4 months ago

    8 Zv ccs

  • 花Hana


     4 months ago

    My cat knew it wasn’t real but her eyes look so beautiful when she looks at a screen

  • Zigg Podbregar

    Zigg Podbregar

     4 months ago

    THIS WORKS 100%