The Limousines - Internet Killed The Video Star (Official Music Video)

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, June 23, 2010
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  • MG Guy

    MG Guy

     6 hours ago

    2020, how is it I just found this song now? A very cool follow up to "Video Killed the Radio Star." Good job!

  • Daniel Kim

    Daniel Kim

     3 days ago

    ‘OMG SHAKIRA’S LAWYER’ has a great flip of this

  • Tim Reeves

    Tim Reeves

     21 days ago

    This song..... I mean.... it’s truly wonderful and I love it dearly. The video almost; almost I say, eclipses the song. So clever and well executed. I truly can’t say enough positive things about both!!!!!



     28 days ago

    End 2019...still legit

  • Totally Real Name

    Totally Real Name

     1 months ago

    before its time, people didn't wanna hear it but now it's true streaming services will/are replacing cable(?)

  • Moshi says Hi

    Moshi says Hi

     1 months ago

    December 2019 gang

  • heminova


     1 months ago

    For those who expected a buggles parody : it has existed for a very long time (I'm actually surprised that no one mentions it in top comments, I thought it was kind of famous)

  • Stefany Oliveira

    Stefany Oliveira

     1 months ago

    2019 and I still hearing

  • JCstock


     2 months ago

    Maybe I just don't understand what a drum machine sounds like but they've legit got a drummer. Also, the whole point of the "don't bother telling them that drum machine don't go no soul" doesn't come across as The Limousines telling us the audience that drum machines are soulless, instead to me it's more like them telling the boomers to not shit on kids new music.

  • Troll Em

    Troll Em

     3 months ago

    This song is more relevant now, more than ever... Internet is killing everything ....

  • Ty F.

    Ty F.

     3 months ago

    Still so much love for Eric and Gio. These two are such immensely talented individuals.

  • Alyssa Hatcher

    Alyssa Hatcher

     4 months ago

    I was so in love with this song when it came out I dressed up as one of the zombies for Halloween

  • Bill M

    Bill M

     4 months ago

    People seem to forget that there was already a parody song and video called "Internet Killed the Video Star" back in 2000:

  • diamondflaw


     4 months ago +1

    Anyone else end up here by accident looking for the 2000 Shockwave regurge song of the exact same name?

  • RipleyLok 14

    RipleyLok 14

     5 months ago

    Cany wait for vr

  • Squim


     5 months ago

    What happened to these guys? What’re they up to now?

  • Carson Fisher

    Carson Fisher

     5 months ago

    This song is great I just wish it had better lyrics. Then it might have been a bigger thing. Way too repetitive.

  • Well it sure isn't Dale

    Well it sure isn't Dale

     6 months ago

    Wasn't what I showed up thinking it'd sound like, but definitely not bad at all. Very funky sounding.

  • NH808


     7 months ago +1

    I remember watching this while getting ready for elementary school

  • ShadowCaptain85


     7 months ago

    Virtual Killed The Internet Star...